Konversations With Kids: Ava Stories


I’ve been hard at work (if that’s what you would call what I do), but my wife has been spending plenty of time with my 5 year old daughter lately. The reason I highlight Ava’s age is coming up, but there are a few things you need to know. First off…Ava is opinionated. Secondly…she doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Thirdly…we don’t drink canned beer in our home. There’s a reason I list these points, so let’s begin…


The other day, Stephanie took Ava to get new shoes. Unable to find anything Ava liked, Steph ended up finding a $5 pair of flip flops at Walmart that she thought Ava could wear this summer. At the time of purchase, Ava was wearing tights and so, without thinking much of it, Steph bought the flip flops without allowing Ava to try them on.

Cut to a few hours later. Ava, ever the fashion aficionado, is home and has taken off her tights. So Steph lets her try on her new flip flops. Ava puts them on and looks at them. Quickly she removes them and looks over at Stephanie and says…

“Okay, I’m going to go put them away. I’ll wear them when I’m 8.”

LESSON LEARNED: Don’t EVER leave the store before Ava tries her clothes on because she is fickle and if she doesn’t like it…she isn’t gonna wear it. At least for a few years anyway…


As is apt to happen, many of the neighborhood kids came over to play Saturday during a beautiful afternoon. At some point, Ava decided to be the generous hostess and to serve drinks. So into the kitchen she went to get everyone a cool beverage. Stephanie heard her rummaging in the fridge and decided to come down to see what she was up to. By the time she had gotten downstairs, Ava was outside distributing drinks. She had a bag full of juiceboxes for most of the kids, but in her left hand, for the 11-year old who lives down the street, she had a canned beer. Steph ran outside and shouted, “Ava! What are you doing?”

Ava responded, “I got everyone drinks, mommy.”

“But Ava, that’s an…uh…an adult drink!”

“Oh. I thought it was a soda'”

LESSON LEARNED: We generally drink bottled beer. It’s confusing to Ava when there are canned beers next to the Diet Pepsi. Oh…and she is willing to serve alcohol to minors.

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  1. Hmmm … that’s what my teen son said too when I caught him with a beer.

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