I’m Famous…kind of.

Oh yeah…I’m famous now ’cause I’ve been interviewed by BlogInterviewer.com. What? What’s that you say? EVERYONE has been interviewed by BlogInterviewer.com?


Well…whatever. Anyway…the other day a message was left in my comments asking if I would like to be interviewed and have my answers posted on this BlogInterviewer.com. Curious (because aren’t we all just looking for a little attention?), I went and checked it out. It seemed like a safe endeavor (that is, until I start getting a boatload of spam & porn messages), so here it is…MY Interview with BlogInterviewer.com.

Is it more insightful than any interview in the history of blogging? Nope. But if you are interested, go check it out and vote for me for some kind of award that they give out or something. Honestly, I don’t even know what this is all about…but whatever. It’s VINDICATION!!! All of my hard typing is NOT for naught! SOMEONE cares…dammit.

Now…go check it out. Oh yeah…and SUBSCRIBE to my damn blog! The SUBSCRIBE button is over there on the right at the top of your webpage here. So get to it. You’ve been warned. Don’t make me come over there…

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4 Responses to I’m Famous…kind of.

  1. Nice interview, although the questions were kind of bland, I think you answered them well.

    Thank you. And I thought the same. But I guess the CONCEPT of interviewing bloggers en mass there kind of has to be generic kind of questions…

  2. kat says:

    I want to click on your link to the interview, but now I’m afraid I’ll get boatloads of spam and porn. 😉

  3. mandy says:

    I am so glad I read that interview…I almost feel like I know you now!

  4. Mike Thomas says:


    Just to let you know we don’t spam you. The only emails you’ll get from us are the ones using the aweber email system where you can easily unsubscribe.

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