My Road To The Final Four

March Madness is my favorite sporting event. All my life I’ve loved college basketball and I never thought that someday I would get to be a part of it, but there I was…living the dream and working on an all new way to cover event television…in 3D!

It all started in mid-March when I was shipped off to Milwaukee, WI for the 1st & 2nd Round. We had Ohio State & Xavier there, so that was exciting for me. I’ve been an Ohio State fan forever and I cover a lot of Xavier basketball throughout the season, so to see both programs in Milwaukee was a treat. And my Ohio Bobcats, who made the tournament by winning the MAC, managed to whip up on Big East goliath Georgetown and moved on to the 2nd Round, only to get beat by Tennessee. Oh well…

In the Graphics production truck

Courtside at the Bradley Center

From Milwaukee to St Louis for the Midwest Regional. I like St. Louis and there was plenty to do. Ohio State went up against the team that beat my Bobcats and once again Tennessee knocked off one of my favorite teams to move on to play Michigan State for a chance at the Final Four. They lost. Michigan State goes on to Indianapolis…and so did I.

The sunrise from my hotel window

The Buckeyes practice

I visited the Arch…

…and drank coffee. I’m crazy like that.

Courtside in St. Louis

Indianapolis is a very underrated city and it is taylor-made for events like The Final Four. Everything you need is right downtown and with hometown favorite, Butler, playing Cinderella, the fever was in full swing. The city was hoppin and references to “Hoosiers” were as commonplace as Big Ten coaches sightings (I counted at least 4…and Dennis Miller).

Our 3D tv crew courtside.

The great thing about this event wasn’t just that I LOVE college basketball, but also because I got to work the first 3D NCAA National Championship…and oh what a great game it was. It was a back & forth affair as a David vs Goliath raged for 2 halves and the Devils came up on the lucky side of the score, barely beating Butler by 2 points as a halfcourt 3-point heave ALMOST dropped for the Bulldogs, and then a city (and a nation) fell deflated. It truly was an amazing game and I was so lucky to be there. It will always be one of my fondest memories…especially the time when I got to shoot around on the court for a few minutes. Every player dreams of taking a shot or two on that championship court and I got to do it (even if it was 23 years too late).

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3 Responses to My Road To The Final Four

  1. mandy says:

    i forwarded that video to every guy i know, so that they could all be jealous of you 🙂

  2. mom says:

    How many men do you know, Mandy? Great blog, son. I enjoyed the game so much more knowing you were there doing what you love to do. I also learned a few colorful words. Love…

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