RIP Couch

Tears were shed for our friend & much beloved couch…

For 10 years this old couch was a part of our lives. We sat on it, played on it, fed our kids on it, watched television on it. I slept on it (whenever it was deemed that I didn’t deserve to sleep on my bed), took afternoon naps on it and used it as a place to sit my stuff. It was a good friend for many years, but the years had taken it’s toll. Stains marred the material, the cushions went flat and the time had come to replace it with a newer model. So for about a year, it sat unused in our basement; a place for the kids to pile all their toys or to jump on until yesterday. Yesterday we moved it out to the front lawn to be picked up by men & women who would take it to be destroyed. It’s always sad to part with a friend, especially one that has survived through 2 children, 4 cats, 1 dog and several spilled drinks. But the time had come to part with it…and now it is gone. Rest in peace, old friend. You served us well.

Here are some photos of our old couch. Ah…the memories…

The early years

A great place to nap!

A great place to sit for birthdays!

Me & my old friend…and Barkley

Goodbye old friend…you will be missed.

On the bright side, the kids now have more room to play in the basement and we have one less large item in the house! Yay!

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2 Responses to RIP Couch

  1. mom says:

    This so reminded me of your lawnmower story! Except I didn’t know it was a lawnmower until the end. You should try to become a writer in your “””SPARE””” time! Love….mom

  2. isnt it crazy how “things” can hold such memories? The summer between my freshman and sophomore year, I bought a couch. Custom made, I got to pick the fabric, the pillows, and all that. My family thought I was crazy. But it was a good piece, and it is coming up on 15 years old. Its worn, dirty, and faded. But I couldnt find one I liked any better, so I am having that old one recovered and restuffed.

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