Hipstamatic New York

So I was in the Big Apple this past week for work but I was able to get out and enjoy the city a little bit. While I was there, a buddy of mine recommended an app for my IPhone called “Hipstamatic”. It’s a photo app that basically makes taking pictures a lot of fun! It has several settings and lots of features, the best being the ability to change “film” and “lenses” to give you different variety for your photo-taking experience. I totally LOVE it and I imagine you will be seeing more photos like this here from time to time. But for now…here is New York through my IPhone as taken by “Hipstamatic”!

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3 Responses to Hipstamatic New York

  1. mandy says:

    Really cool pictures Alan! Maybe you could use this to try and make baseball look interesting. Nah…

  2. kat says:

    cool pics alan 🙂

  3. More freakin’ awesomeness!

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