I Blinked…

…and you were born into this world, turning my carefree life upside down.

…and you were lying on my stomach; I could feel your heartbeat on mine and I heard you sigh.

…and I was carrying you around in your first Halloween costume. You were a coney dog. Blame your mother.

…and you were awake at ridiculous hours of the night, hungry and wet, waiting to be cared for. I was there…every other time.

…and you were rolling onto your tummy, twisting and determined.

…and you were eating your 1st birthday cake, icing smeared all over your smiling face.

…and  you were crawling after KC and Bootsie. They were scared to death of you, giving you a reason to move.

…and you were tossing a ball at me, waiting for me to toss it back and clapping proudly when you caught it.

…and you were using your spoon to eat your food, smearing sweet potatoes all over your face and chest, grinning from ear to ear.

…and you were taking that first step, slowly yet focused; first the right foot…then the left. And then you were off!

…and you were coming down the stairs, eyes wide, as you saw what was under the tree and you turned and gave me a hug so big I still feel it in my soul.

…and you were throwing up on me after swallowing too much pizza and chlorine from the pool.

…and you were running after me in the yard, tackling me and your mother, causing us to laugh so hard it hurt…but in a great way.

…and you were laughing hysterically when I read the book about how elephants hate cake! But LOVE those raisins!

…and you were welcoming your baby sister into the world, kissing her softly on her forehead and talking to her as she slept.

…and you were calling down to us when you were awake in the morning, “Mommy, Daddy, I love you so much!”

…and you were out with your Grandpa, hitting golf balls and playing in the leaves.

…and you were riding in the clothes basket as I took you for a roller coaster ride around our living room.

…and you were playing at the playground, trying desperately to play with the older kids, even though you couldn’t run as fast, you still wanted to be in the group.

…and you were in your first year of preschool. You were growing up so fast!

…and you were reading words and learning how to add.

…and you were swimming by yourself and wanting to jump off the diving board.

…and you were collecting Pokemon cards and action figures. I STILL don’t know what that game is all about.

…and you were dribbling a basketball and shooting hoops in our backyard.

…and you were running over to the neighbors’ yard by yourself, no longer needing my help to get you over the fence.

…and you were fishing with your grandpa, catching a fish that wasn’t too big but big enough that you were proud.

…and you were too scared to ride your bike until you saw your friend doing it and then you just did it…without me.

…and you were running from dead jellyfish along the shore at Nag’s Head.

…and I was walking you to school for your first day in 1st grade.

…and we were at a football game cheering for your school’s team. You were so excited every time they scored.

…and you were throwing a fastball at me, the ball hitting my mitt and popping like a firework in my glove.

…and you were reading your books to me and the Wimpy Kid never sounded better. But there is always that one long word…

…and you were scoring a touchdown.

…and you were spending the night at a friends’ house, up til 1am watching movies and playing video games.

…and you were acing your spelling tests and doing fantastic in school. Your report cards were littered with good grades and kind words.

…and you are 8 years old.

Time flies so quickly, my little man. Don’t grow up too fast.

Happy Birthday Christopher. Your Dad loves you more than you’ll ever know.

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6 Responses to I Blinked…

  1. Happy Birthday, Christopher!

    Wow, what an incredible post!

  2. Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Christopher!

  3. kat says:

    awww… happy belated birthday Fer!! your aunt kat loves you!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow, that made me emotional. Very touching and sweet. Happy Birthday to your son. What a blessing to your family.

  5. Betsy says:

    Alan…that was beautiful. I am crying big ole crocodile tears right now. Happy Birthday, Christopher.

  6. mom & dad says:

    If I ever get a stuffed nose, I’ll read one of your blogs!!! You always did make me cry. Happy birthday, little man, Christopher and we love you!!! Grandma and Grandpa P.S. and then you were 41 and now you know how dad feels!!! Love, pop

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