Nickels & Dimes & A Rant

Trust me when I tell you…we’re not rich. Sure, I work like crazy and we make decent money, but after the tax man takes his share and we pay all the bills, we don’t have much to sock away every month. So when I get a credit card bill that is through the roof, I get a little edgy. No…let me put this another way…I get fucking bonkers. Wouldn’t you?

I know, I know…EVERYONE has money problems these days. We are not an unusual case. We are all hemorraging money! Gas prices are up again, all the kids are growing up and they need new clothes and they’re eating like crazy, the car needs a new set of tires, blah blah blah. It’s a never ending cycle and as parents & adults, we take on the challenge. Some times are harder than others. And recently I’ve been working my ass off to be the responsible parent that MY parents taught me to be. So THAT makes it even more difficult to swallow when I want to pay the bills buuuuut…well…we don’t have enough to pay off that one credit card bill. But we really DO have enough…but I don’t physically have it in my hands yet because I’m an independant contractor and the people I work for? Well…they can pay me whenever they want. Usually that’s anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on who I’m working for. Which makes budgeting a real bitch because I never know when I’m gonna get a paycheck.

Most people work a 9-5 job and get paid every 2 weeks. I work anytime, anyday, anyweek, for ANYBODY and, except for 1 company that pays me every 2 weeks, I have no clue when I’ll get paid. It’s a scary line I walk as I try to juggle paying the heating bill and buying my kids new clothes WITHOUT having to pay a monthly fee for not paying my credit card bill on time.

It’s ridiculous actually. I work hard for the money I earn. Don’t we all? So it’s not really like I feel that I am asking too much when I say…just PAY me for what I do! It’s not a hard concept to understand! You HIRED me to do the job and I did it! Now PAY me already! It’s the BS part of my life and it sucks. But don’t get me wrong…I LOVE my job…a lot! It’s just frustrating knowing that the money I earn won’t really be mine before it’s already spent.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife hired a guy to paint our living room. She told me the cost over the phone and I approved it. Our living room and upstairs hallway needed to be repainted and I knew that it would be weeks (or months) before I would get to it. So I figure…I’m making money, right? Been gone most of April, booked solid through the summer…so let’s do it. So we hire this guy. He hands me a contract that states, “Paint room from top to bottom.” So I sign off on it. I figure top to bottom means EVERYTHING. But it doesn’t. The contract doesn’t include the doors. Or the entranceway to the living room. Or the bannister upstairs in the hallway. Or the window ledge. Or the paint. Or, apparently, the “touch ups” he had to come back to do because he thought we wouldn’t notice forgot (which he so nicely DIDN’T charge us for even though he had to come all the way back over from whatever rock he lived under to do the “touch ups” that HE forgot).

So I buy $350 worth of paint. And I paid him half up front and when he was done I paid him the rest. And then I paid him again when we had to call him to come back to fix those “touch ups” he forgot. And then I asked him to paint the entranceway and the doors because I didn’t want to deal with it. And he charged me another $70. So I paid him. So THIS guy, who didn’t do what his CONTRACT stated he would do, got HIS money up front. But I go to work on time, get the job done professionally and without any arguments, and I don’t get paid for a month or more?

Fuck that.

So thanks for listening. I know this is an angry rant and I’m up on my soapbox a little bit here but I’m angry and I can’t keep it in. I had to get this out and vent and I appreciate that you stayed to listen. Now…let’s grab a beer and move on with it. Life is too short to be this irritated & frustrated about things out of my control…right?

Well…until that other credit card bill comes in. Then…I can’t promise anything…

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2 Responses to Nickels & Dimes & A Rant

  1. mandy says:

    And now you have to put a twenty in the swear jar…

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