Portion Control

No…this is NOT my belly…but still…

I’m thinking I’m not the only person in the United States who has an issue with food. My train of thought is this…if I SEE food, I EAT food. I don’t know if it comes from not wanting to be wasteful (all those children in third world countries are starving!) or if I just have what is fairly common nowadays. It’s called “gluttony” and I admit…if you sit me at a buffet, I’m gonna eat my share. I would love to tell you I have enough self-restraint to stay way from that third trip. And I would love to tell you that the previous two plates weren’t stacked a mile high. But I would be lying. The truth of the matter is…I like my food. And if it’s there…I’ll eat it.

So what’s a middle-aged man to do? I got a little bulge around my waistline telling me to lay off the chocolate. I got health advisors on television and in newspapers and magazines telling me I need to lay off the carbs and eat conservatively. I have my wife telling me I look great for my age but…

But what?!? Or should I say “Butt” what?!?!

Look…I am not the gym rat I wish I could be. Truth of the matter is…I get my share of exercise just having kids. I can’t remember the last time I just sat on my couch all day, pigging out on Doritos and beer, playing videogames til my eyes hurt and not moving except to go to the bathroom (and even then I became a master at holding it for long periods of time). In my early twenties…this was not a problem. And then around 6pm I would hop in my car, drive through KFC, get myself some chicken and potatoes and call it a night with a movie and some “NBA Jam”! Those days are obviously behind me…mostly because “NBA Jam” isn’t around anymore. But that’s besides the point. My point is…I exercise…kind of. And I DO get to the gym maybe twice a week. I like to spin and I lift weights…a little. But I get such little time to just hang out and listen to music or watch a movie at home that I really don’t worry about it as much as I should. I see people jogging and I see people at the gym who are there every time I go in there and I applaud them! I WISH I had half the energy or time to be like that. The “experts” tell me that I need to MAKE time for myself to get my exercise. And I understand that. I COULD go jogging after the kids go to bed. I COULD go to the hotel gym after work. I COULD do a lot of things I don’t do. But the one thing I CAN do and I need to start doing it is watching the portions that I eat. I think if I can control that, and with all the running around I always seem to be doing, I could be okay.

Granted…I’m not gonna get muscular or even as thin as I used to be, but I’m thinking if I cut out fried foods (goodbye McDonalds fries!) and soda (which I drink little of these days anyway) and watch the portions, I’ll be okay. For now. I’m only 41, for crying out loud. And I DO go to the gym a couple of times a week. Right? I mean…that’s not bad for a guy with a schedule like mine, right? And if I play ball with my son and take my daughter shopping for a few hours every week (Wait. Did I just say that?) and go for a long walk with my wife at some point this summer and go swimming and bike riding and visit an amusement park or two then…that’s considered exercise right? Not to mention all the walking at airports and wherever else I go. It’s all a form of exercise. I don’t keep track of how many calories I’m burning, but still….I’m not laying in bed for 12 hours a day.


I’m just looking for some support here. I’m NOT so out of shape that I can’t control it. It’s all in my head. If there’s food there, it doesn’t NEED to be eaten. It can go to waste. Not MY waist…right?

Portion control. It ain’t gonna be easy, but I’m gonna give it a shot. Here goes nothing. Bear with me when I get a little grumpy, mmmkay? Thanks…

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3 Responses to Portion Control

  1. Danielle-Lee says:

    I think portion control really does help. so does staying away from soda. And hello, I don’t think you’ve got bulge around your waist! You could be wayyyy worse off, ya know?

  2. Matt says:

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  3. brian says:

    Come visit me online at Facebook @ Learn To Live Fit.
    It’s less about volume / portion control & far more about eating “clean” than anything else!! Brian

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