When Bloggers Meet

As most of us who “blog” know…we are constantly making new friends who come and go. Friends who comment on our site and then we go read their site and leave a comment and sooner or later you end up corresponding whether it continues via comment section or Facebook or Twitter or email or whatever. I have made many friends here in the blogosphere, some that I have almost forgotten I have never met. And in the case of Danielle-Lee, if you were to ask me how I know her, I might have had to pause and think about it because, quite frankly, it feels as if I have known her for years!

If you haven’t been to her site, visit “A Little Left Of Lost.” As of today, she hasn’t been doing a whole lot of writing simply because the woman hasn’t had the time. Being a working mother who is going to school and who has the CRAZIEST schedule, she has found it difficult to take a half hour out of her day to write. As we all know, this happens from time to time. We get busy, life gets in the way, and the next thing you know…ya haven’t written anything in months! But on Monday, she took some time out of her busy schedule to meet up with me for lunch in Irving, Texas. We hunkered down at a little Italian eatery and got caught up on our lives and what we’re up to and I have to tell you…it was like we had gone to high school or college together.

Here’s the thing…I’ve been writing here for almost 3 years. In that time, I’m pretty sure that I have been reading about Danielle (or “DL” as I call her) and her life for most of that time. I don’t remember HOW I found her (we were trying to recall how we became friends and neither of us could remember). Odds are good that I probably found her through another blogger and then left a comment or two (or three) and she visited my site and found that we have the same interests in music and our families and from there a wonderful friendship has grown. I’ve seen her daughter grow through her posted pictures. I have read about her past and the things she has been through. And I have enjoyed her taste in music as she posts her “Music Lover Mondays” mixes and videos. She is almost a female version of myself and we get along swimmingly (do we say “swimmingly” in the U.S.? Eh…who cares…)

Anyway…it was great to finally meet one of my favorite people who I had never met and she is just as awesome in person as she is in print. I’m hoping we get to meet again sometime, maybe when I have a little more time and we can have a few drinks (the woman has NEVER had a Blue Moon? Seriously DL?) and tell a few more stories about life and blogging and how our kids drive us insane but we love them for it. But for now, just getting to meet her in person was truly a treat. She is exactly like she is on her blog…very personable, very easy to talk to and a wonderful person. Hopefully she’ll get back on the writing horse again here soon. I have missed her and I am looking forward to the next time when we can get together and tear up the town. Hope Dallas is ready…it could get loud! LOL

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1 Response to When Bloggers Meet

  1. Danielle-Lee says:

    Thanks Alan! You are the greatest! Glad we got the chance to finally meet too! Also? We found each other through Danny’s blog. I think. Hell, I don’t know!

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