The New Fad

I remember when I was a kid, there were a lot of things we collected. I collected comic books and action figures and video games and baseball or football cards and movie posters and Charlie’s Angels cards and…well…I dunno whagt else but you get the idea. So when my son became a little obsessed with “Pokemon” cards, I went along with it. I bought them for him and did it with a smile. Well…maybe I wasn’t smiling because the damn things are $5 a pack. But I understood and bought him enough that he could trade with his buddies. I even bought him a folder that would hold and protect all of them.

A year or so later, he no longer has any interest in Pokemon cards and I’m okay with that. For that kind of money I would rather he take interest in something else. So imagine my surprise when the latest fad hit Christopher’s school and it’snot comics or trading cards or video games or anything like that. Believe it or not, the latest fad to hit an elementary school near you is…

rubber bands.

Yes…you read that correctly.

Rubber bands.

Rubber bands? Seriously?

It’s true. The rubber band craze has hit and my son is knee deep in it! Kids are on the hunt for rubber bands shaped like fairies and unicorns and footballs and giraffes and just about anything you can think of. Apparently there are glow-in-the-dark ones and then there are regular ones and there are ones that are hard to find and there are any number of shapes and sizes. My kids are crazy for them and they trade them with their friends and everything! It’s crazy!

Buuuut it’s cheap. And if rubber bands are the “in” thing now, I can’t wait to see what they think of next. I’m voting for rocks. Or how about rocks that are shaped like things? Now THAT would be really cool! (wink)

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4 Responses to The New Fad

  1. Same fad here. They are dang hard to find too!

  2. mom says:

    Just heart on Today that the schools are banning the rubber bands. Kids shoot them at each other and disrupt class talking about the “new” one they got, etc. Seems harmless to me, but I’m not a teacher with 20+ kids to contend with. If I see any unusual ones here, I’ll get them for Chris. Love….mom

  3. Zach says:

    You too? It seemed like my school was inundated with these literally overnight. It’s interesting walking the hallways and seeing a sizable chunk of (mostly female) juniors and seniors (I’d expect it from the freshmen and sophomores) with a couple of these rubber bands in their hair and seeing many, many more around their wrists. Where do they get them all? There’s even a Facebook group titled something along the lines of “I bet that guy who came up with those animal rubber bands just became a millionaire.”.

    *deep sigh*

    Rocks would be cool. They’d break less easily, but they would probably be a bit more expensive. šŸ˜‰ What if, after that, novels became the new fad? Ha, I wish (and I mean that sincerely). Sadly, I can’t imagine high school students actually reading novels anymore; I myself rarely have time to read for pleasure now. šŸ˜¦

    Seriously…there are days I wish I could just sit around and think about things that could be considered kid novelties. I could be RICH!!! LOL

  4. Morgan Raider says:

    Charlie’s Angle cards? I ahd a LOT of those stickers on the side of my Mom’s fridge. (Along with Star Wars stickers and the like.)

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