Just Out Having Fun

My main source of nourishment on the road.

So tonight my wife has left me for a “Girl’s Night Out”. I haven’t been home much the last few months and she needed to blow off some steam. Can’t say I blame her. She’s been at home entertaining our two young children who need to be entertained EVERY…SECOND…OF…THE…DAY. So…tonight is her night off. As for me…well…I’ve been out galivanting around the country, enjoying some RnR in Dallas and St. Louis and Washington, DC and Seattle and San Francisco/Oakland and just having a ball! Good times for me as I get to hang out in coffeeshops and chat with friends old & new. So here I am, documenting my travels for you. I talk as if I’m bitter, but I’m not.  I kid because I care. And I AM actually enjoying some of my travels and I HAVE seen some of the best friends a person can have. So to my good friends Ed, Chris and Michelle…it was great seeing you all and sharing a good meal and drinks. And to the above mentioned cities…thank you for being so hospitable. Honestly, it’s the cool places I get to go that make this job I do so much fun. But someday, I would love to bring my family along. I miss them terribly when I’m gone. But maybe THAT is why we call it “work”, not “playtime”? Not that you can tell by these photos…stupid Hipstamatic…

Nationals Park – Washington, DC

Safeco Field – Seattle, WA

Alameda County Stadium – Oakland, CA

Coming soon: Photos from Zanesville, OH and Williamsburg, VA!!! But these WILL include my family as we take a much needed break and go on vacation…

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