Facebook Dilemma

These people are NOT my friends. Yet…

As the mayor of Facebook, this week I have an interesting situation that I have never come across and now I am at a crossroad at what I should do. I have a few hundred friends on Facebook (ok…634. But who’s counting?) and I have grown to appreciate what Facebook has done in order to get me back in contact with or to keep me in contact with those friends that I see may see once every 20 years. But here’s the situation…

What if that friend is deceased?

This week is the birthday of one of my Facebook friends who recently passed away. And now I see that his birthday is coming up this week. So….uh….now what do I do?

I mean…I don’t want to “unfriend” him. Because he IS my friend in spirit and I think of him on occasion. But now his Facebook account is mostly his children writing on his wall about how much they miss him and I feel as though I am intruding on a family bereavement that is none of my business.

So what do you think?

Do I unfriend him and move on? Or do I wish him a happy birthday and let his family know I’ve been thinking of him and I hope that he is in a better place now?

I dunno…looking for advice here…

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4 Responses to Facebook Dilemma

  1. mom says:

    Leave your post to his children and wife. Tell them how great a friend he was and though you miss his visits, you will always have him with you in your memories….your heart, so to speak. Alan, you never lose a friend, you just use your memory more. Love…..mom

  2. L says:

    I would keep posting in case he comes back. You like zombie movies, you know stuff like that could happen – and if it did you could point out YOU stuck with him, nobody else. He might still eat your brains but I’m sure he would feel guilty while doing so.

  3. Let me know what you figure out. I’m in the same situation!

  4. Ya know…this has me wondering. If I died tomorrow, what would happen to all my online stuff? Only I have the password to the blog, to my facebook stuff, etc. I mean it seems that SOMEONE should go in and pull the plug on the account or something, right? Or does it hang there in perpetuity?

    And L…you just aint right. LOL

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