Java Mania

A week or so ago I was heading to the airport, my wife & kids were dropping me off, and I was telling the kids what a great city Seattle is and all the fun things there are to do there (like whale watching or the Seattle Art Museum or the Needle, etc…) and I mentioned that in in Seattle there is a coffee shop on EVERY corner. And it’s true! There must be a million coffee shops within a few blocks of each other out there in the Emerald City. I don’t know WHY there are so many. I realize that Starbucks originated there at the Market, but does that mean there HAS to be a coffee shop every 25 feet? I have the Starbucks app on my IPhone and I tried to find a location near me when I was walking and here’s the map I got back…


And that’s ONLY Starbucks locations! There are hundreds of other coffee shops there as well! So anyway…back to where I was heading with this. So my kids asked me if I was gonna bring them back some coffee since I was gonna be in the coffee mecca of the world. I told them “Sure!”, not really thinking much about it. Obviously I wasn’t going to buy my kids a big bag of coffee…that would be suicidal! They don’t even drink Coke yet, let alone partake in the bean! But sure enough, after talking on the phone with my wife after I arrived, she informs me that it’s all the kids can talk about is that I’m bringing them coffee home. So I trotted down to one of the more local establishments (in this case, Seattle Coffee Works) and picked up a small bag of decaf beans. And now EVERY morning, they want some. So now I have to make Steph & I a pot of regular (decaf is for babies) and then a pot of decaf for the kids (okay…maybe not for BABIES, but for children under the age of 10). And they LOVE it! Especially Ava, who wants some as soon as she comes into the kitchen every morning.

What have I done!?!?!  Now they’re gonna be drinking the java juice before they’re drinking soda??? Seems kind of backwards to me. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was in my 30’s (thanks to Steph for THIS bad habit) and now I NEED it every morning! I hope my kids don’t get hooked on it! At least not yet. I can’t afford it! At $4 a pop, I can barely afford to buy myself a cup of coffee in the morning when I’m out of town, let alone supplying my kids’ habit! LOL

Don’t even try talking to her before she’s had her first cup in the morning…

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1 Response to Java Mania

  1. mandy says:

    Well, lets just hope your job doesn’t take you to the Winston-Salem area anytime soon.

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