What The Heck…Lindsay Lohan

Ok…so she looks kinda pretty here…

I don’t know about you, but being the film buff that I am, I am totally looking forward to the upcoming film, “Machete.” It looks AWESOME! And it stars Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez, Tim Roth and…Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan?

Can I ask something here…because apparently I have lost track of what the hell is going on in the entertainment world but…did you know that Lindsay is the hot new thing in Hollywood? It’s true! I had no idea. I mean…she’s on every magazine cover and internet site and entertainment tv show and every talk show and…

…who the hell cares? What IS it with this chick that everyone is so fascinated with? Because I checked with IMDB and she’s been in maybe 3 movies that I’ve heard of and that includes “Machete” and a remake of Herbie The Love Bug. So…WHY is she so damn popular? I don’t get it…

Oh sure…she’s a hot mess. From what I can tell in my 5 minute research for this particular blog she’s as screwed up as they come. So is THAT why everyone is so into her? She’s a bigger mess than the rest of us and so that makes her interesting? Am I the only person who doesn’t find her attractive? At all? I mean…even pictures like this don’t do it for me…

Actually…I even went to look for a sexy picture of Lohan and I couldn’t find any?!?! She’s not that attractive! And the only photos that had her even looking remotely attractive she was dressed up like Marilyn Monroe! So she has to dress up and look like someone else in order to be sexy? Yeesh. I’m not impressed.

So I found out that she was recently in jail for drug abuse and being an alcoholic. Dunno how this makes her any different than hundreds of other Hollywood starlet wannabe’s, but for whatever reason people find it fascinating. I, on the other hand, do not.

I guess the point of this is I’m bored, I haven’t been writing much and I figured…I might as well write about something I could care less about. And this definitely satisfied that need. Soooo…back to your regularly scheduled reading…

Oh wait! Here’s one!

Oh wait…


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1 Response to What The Heck…Lindsay Lohan

  1. Mel says:

    You are too funny.

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