News Flash! In Case You Haven’t Heard!!!

Please Lord…make it stop!

Brett Favre, the quarterback of the Green Ba…uh…New York J…wait…Minnesota? Right? Anyway…Brett Favre, superstar quarterback who is getting paid a gazillion dollars to play professional football at the ripe ol’ age of 40 or so has decided his next move. He has decided, with the love of his family and his teammates behind him, to return to playing football ONE MORE YEAR to help his team, the Minnesota Vikings, return to the playoffs where he will, once again, end the Super Bowl hopes of the 5,226,244 fans who reside in the state of Minnesota by throwing a hail mary into a pack of opponent defensive backs and thereby prolonging their agony ONE MORE SEASON until he, once again, cannot decide whether or not his tired old body has taken enough pounding by 300 pound linemen to return for JUST ONE MORE SEASON?!?!

Haven’t we been forced to sit through this sitcom one to many times? Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy and I totally understand his indecisiveness about this. It IS a wear on your body playing professional sports. Not that I have any experience with it, but I imagine it can be tough. And I cannot even imagine the type of pain he must have been in at the end of that game last season against the Saints where he was pummeled mercilessly all night long and ALMOST won the game! But nevertheless…I grow weary of this media dance every season for the past 7 years. Please Brett…do me and football fans all over the country a big favor…make up your mind BEFORE training camp next year. Say…maybe around the time the Super Bowl 2011 ends and you’re sitting on your couch somewhere pondering your future. Your future is is here! Go do something else with your life! I, for one, have appreciated your work ethic and your love of the game! But it’s getting tired and I’m over the endless breaking reports of you throwing a football on a high school field or you picking up takeout at Wendy’s or whatever else ESPN reporters can find to chat about. You’re taking up valuable tv time when ESPN or NFL Net or any other sports outlet COULD be talking about how good so many OTHER quarterbacks are in the NFL! So let’s just call it a day after this season…mmmmmkay? Thanks and if you ever wanna throw a little of this years’ salary MY way, I’ll take it!

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