So My Sister Fishes For Sharks…

What do you do for a hobby? Some people take up photography. Some like to sew. Some macrame. Some people golf or play tennis or fix old furniture or cars. Some ride motorcycles or go to concerts or take baking classes or color their hair or do any number of things to pass the time.

I guess I blog for a hobby. So I write and take pictures and such. My wife socializes. My Dad golfs. My Mom bowls. My brother…eh…dunno what he does. And my oldest sister? She fishes for sharks.


Shark fishing?!?!

And then, when she catches them, apparently she cuts them up and eats ’em for dinner. Taaaaasty.


But here she is…with some of her best catches off the coast of the Florida coastline. Gotta give it to my sister…she does what she does and she does it with a passion!

Apparently she caught THIS shark WAAAAAY in the future…

A teeny-tiny hammerhead shark!

Awwww…such a cute couple!
Not only does she eat them…she dances with them BEFORE dinner! lol

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2 Responses to So My Sister Fishes For Sharks…

  1. ruth ann says:

    I love this blog Alan. Thanks for writing about something I love to do so much. Now, when I catch the bigggggg shark, that will be a pictures for you!!! LOL

  2. kat says:

    there needs to be a show about her! she’s so weee little and she’s caught more than one of those big ones!!!

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