Spinning My Wheels: Chatty Kathy, Clip Your String!

My view this morning…

This week I’ve been back on the bike. 4 days off with no kids in the house and it’s given me the opportunity to at least make an effort to get back into a little bit of shape (preferably one that’s not oval). So of course my workout regimen includes the bike and I’ve learned something the last 2 days that I never noticed before…spin instructors are long-winded.

I realize sometimes they need to be. Especially when there are talkers in the back row (helloooooo? Shut up!). But seriously…do I need a 20 minute dissertation when it comes to spinning? If you’re an instructor and you need to launch into a 10 minute detailed instruction on what we’re gonna do next…there may be a problem.

For example…today. Love my instructor, she’s great! But today she had to physically get off her bike to explain to us what we were gonna be doing. Trust me, if it’s THAT detailed, I’m not listening. I get enough long-winded conversation at home or at work. I go to the gym to work out, not listen to a teaching manual. Just tell me when to add resistance or when to assume position #2 (and it’s not what you think…pervert), I don’t care if we’re gonna add a half turn ever 15 seconds and then do quick jumps coupled with fast bursts for 8 seconds and then we’ll go fast downhill for 2 minutes but then we’re gonna go back up the hill for another 15 minutes and then…

What!?! What are you talking about!?!

Just spin! Thats all I wanna do. You can fill me in on the details as we go. Because frankly, just dragging my fat ass into this class was more than enough spent energy for one morning. All the rest is cake! Well…not really cake. I’m burning calories here, not adding them. And I’m certainly not here to burn brain cells either so let’s stop yapping and get moving ’cause I got stuff to do. Like blogging. And stuff…

Oh…and thanks for your time! 🙂

Here’s MY personal mix for today’s spin. Maybe I shoulda just thrown it on and not listened to anything else? What do you think? Don’t tell me I don’t give ya nuthin’…


1. Maroon 5 – “Never Gonna Leave This Bed”


2. Cee Lo Green – “Forget You”

3. 2Pac – “All About You”

4. The Weepies – How Do You Get High?”

5. Modest Mouse – “Dashboard”

6. M.I.A. – “URAQT”

7. Trey Songz – “Say Aah”

8. Keane – “Is It Any Wonder?”

9. Angels & Airwaves – “Everything’s Magic”

10. Anberlin – “Impossible”

11. Big Boi – “Daddy Fat Sax”


12. Ne-Yo – “So Sick”

13. Iration – “Time Bomb”

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