Konversations With Kids: Who…IS…Alfalfa?

I love my son…but sometimes it’s funny what he hears in complete contrast to the point we’re trying to make. For example…THIS conversation my wife had with him this morning…

Mom: “Christopher…you gotta hurry up! You’re gonna be late for school and you still need to get your shoes on and I need to fix your hair! You look like Alfalfa!”

Christopher: “I AM hurrying! Wait…who’s Alfalfa?”

Mom: “Alfalfa was a kid who was on television when your grandma and grandpa were little kids.”

Christopher: “Grandma and Grandpa were on t.v.?”

Mom: *sigh* (looking at me in disbelief)


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1 Response to Konversations With Kids: Who…IS…Alfalfa?

  1. Coupal says:

    I recently watched the movie “White Christmas” over the Christmas holidays and I watched the interview with Rosemary Clooney. When Judy (Vera Ellen) showed Bob (Bing Crosby) the photo of her “brother” Benny, it was actually a picture of Alfalfa (Carl Switzer) in an army uniform. In 1954 he would have been 27. He was very talented. It’s too bad he had trouble adjusting to life as an adult.

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