Maybe Next Year…

I dunno if I mentioned it, but this past August we piled into our Explorer and headed north to Chicago for my daughter’s 6th birthday. It was a fun trip. Stayed near the river. Got to see some of the filming of “Transformers 3.” Ate some deep dish pizza. Went on a boat tour. For 3 days we hung out in the Windy City and all the kids REALLY wanted to do was stay at the hotel and swim. Fair enough…we did that.

And the kids were happy.

For her birthday, Ava got to hang out for a few hours at the American Girl Doll store. She got a little blonde doll by the name of “Laney”  with a violin and a couple of new outfits. Christopher was forced to hang out in the store with us…which was a thrill of a lifetime for him, I’m sure.

Then we all piled back into our Explorer and drove the 300 miles back to Cincinnati.

So recently my wife and Ava were discussing plans for next year. You figure with trip like that, it would be pretty hard for a 6-year old to come up with something better…right?

So the conversation went like this…

Mom: “So Ava…have you thought about what you want to do for your birthday next year?”

Ava: “Yes.”

Mom: “Well…what is it?”

Ava: “I wanna go someplace.”

Mom: “Someplace where? Like Chicago?”

Ava: “Uh huh.”

Mom: “We might be able to go somewhere. Maybe New York or Washington or…?”

Ava: “Well…I was thinking about it and I want to go to China.”

Mom: “Oh. Yeah…well you’re gonna have to discuss that one with your daddy.”

The End

They don’t make deep dish in China…

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2 Responses to Maybe Next Year…

  1. mom says:

    And I am glad Ava got a violin because she gave me a violin lesson!!! Great time was had by all. Love…

  2. wockyjabber says:

    Ha,ha, ha!

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