Politics & Pessimism Go Hand In Hand

Good luck with that.

I tried to get into politics once. It was the last Presidential election. I got swept up into the Obama campaign and everyone I knew (which mostly consisted of my wife and my family) was excited about the possible changes having a Democrat back in office might bring. And so was I! It WAS exciting listening to what the candidates were selling and it was hard to NOT be excited of possible change. And so now…here I am. Time to vote again. Not for a President, but for….I dunno…new Senators? New Congressmen? Hell…who cares anymore?

Fact of the matter is…the sales pitch that politicians give us has quickly become a parody. Negative ads. Negative feelings. Everyone skirting issues. No one has any answers. The Republican party wants to say, “See…we TOLD you!” and the Democratic party is saying, “You have to give it time!” Funny enough, I’m pretty sure that if it were the other way around, they’d both be saying the opposite. I’m 41 years old and I have never followed politics very closely. There are several reasons for that but the main reason is this…

Politicians are liars.

Honestly, I do not believe any of them get into politics to lie to anyone. Quite the contrary. I think all politicians originally have good intentions. Serve the public. Do good by your fellow states people. Make changes for the better. But somewhere along the line everything gets skewed and politicians who originally were wanting to do good find themselves being swept along a current of “what can you do for me?” that pervades the political system. So their intentions change. They do what they can to make changes and, of course, they can’t make everyone happy all the time so…they lie. They tell us what we want to hear and then go about doing whatever it is they do to make deals, get laws passed, keep the paperwork moving so the agendas are buried or forgotten. It must be exhausting trying to appeal to so many with so many different thoughts on what can make life better.

As Americans, we are allowed free thought. We do not have to conform to any one way of life. So we all have our own thoughts on what would make our lives so much better. But truthfully, we ALL want what’s best for ourselves. It’s in our nature. So when taxes get raised, we bitch. When laws get passed, we gripe. When a politician makes a gaff and actually agrees with abortion or gay marriage we gasp in disbelief! How could ANYONE agree with this or that or the other thing?!?! It’s unthinkable!

And it’s ridiculous. I’m so tired of it all. As an American it is my DUTY to vote and pick the people that I think will do the best in office. But how can I do that if I don’t feel that any of them are REAL? I get the flyers. The family guy with his 3 kids who promises to make our homes safer. I get the phone calls from the governor who swears that he will crack down on guns and drug trafficking. I see the television ads telling me that that candidate is a liar and a cheat who doesn’t deserve to clean my septic system, let alone be paid to sit in an office and make decisions for me and my family. And the circle continues with every passing vote. It’s all ridiculous and it’s tiring.

I’m tired of all the negativity. I’m tired of all the hatred. Doesn’t ANYONE out there WANT to do good? Doesn’t anyone out there WANT to help? Can’t we, as a culture, ever agree on ANYTHING? It’s nauseating watching the same shit happen time and time again. Do the politicians know that they have become a punchline to a joke that has to be the longest setup in the history of our country? Or do they sit in their offices laughing at the fact that once again they will earn their paycheck and do whatever they want to do and there’s nothing we can do about it because…well…WE picked them. It’s not like they sat in an office with 4 people and handed them a resume and had to answer questions or take a quiz or whatever. These people are in office because we chose to put them there. And you know what…SOMEONE has to do it. We can’t just have NO POLITICIANS. We have to HIRE some schmuck who WANTS to sit in meetings and kiss babies and smile like an ass and who will give every minute of their day to be under public scrutiny. And so these people do that and their reward? They get to decide what is good for us. Whether we like it or not, they get to choose. Oh…they might make a good decision here or there, but you know there are influences out there (hello oil companies) that decide what is gonna happen, doesn’t matter if it’s good for us or not.

It’s insane. And I choose to not get involved. I have yet found a politician I truly believe in. At this point, I am so tired of hearing politicians smear other candidates. I’m tired of candidates who stand at a podium and make statements they can’t possibly adhere to and I’m tired of candidates who go out in a crowd and make a rousing, scripted speech and then fail to follow through. Enough with this already. I don’t want to hear anymore. I want to SEE something. DO something. Make a difference already. Because I promise, if a politician just did what he or she was supposed to do, people would follow. The conundrum is this though…if there were a politician like that, someone who made good decisions based on a common good, would we notice? Would he or she float above all the muck that is now our political system?

I would like to think so.

But the pessimist in me thinks otherwise.

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4 Responses to Politics & Pessimism Go Hand In Hand

  1. afrankangle says:

    People need to be engaged in the process. On the other hand, engaged in what is the question you are raising. I look at all the special interest ads … pathetic … (and thank you Supreme Court). These ads are so jaded and misleading. The candidates and their parties are just a small bit better, which isn’t saying much.

    I’ve come to the following conclusion – politicians of both parties have the same mantra – Party First! After all, both are the large special interest conglomerates we have.

  2. I am very firmly in the pessimist boat as well.

  3. mom says:

    Alan and “Frankle?” You both have computers and are quite apt at using it. So instead of watching TV, which we all know is biased one way or the other. Take for instance, look instead of what has been done, not what hasn’t. We have healthcare, children can be included on their parents policies until after college,we have the student loans reinstated. There are so many little things that concern quite a few people. Just look up the bills being introduced and the ones that have been passed. The one that concerns me most is the one that Ron Paul has introduced about doing away with the medicare and social security. If RAND Paul from KY gets the vote, he will join his father in pushing that bill through. Be sure that you young people are going to get a lot of request for help from your parents as soon as the GUARANTEED govt. help is no longer there. If they phased it out in say, 15 years and forced EVERYONE to save some money before retirement, that would be okay. But to just say no more S.S. or medicare—-HELP ME SON!!! Love…..mom

  4. afrankangle says:

    You are correct by saying I have a computer and a TV …. but young? Plus one reminder, an introduction of a bill does not mean it comes to vote … let alone pass.

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