As If Teaching Wasn’t Hard Enough…

Ice cream is TAAAAASTY…

If you’re a teacher and you are trying to teach your class about the election process, what would you do? Maybe take a trip to a local Board Of Elections? Maybe have someone speak about how you vote, what the process is, what your responsibility is as an American and why you SHOULD vote? Sounds like a good idea to me. But here in the Cincinnati area, we are gonna SUSPEND you for it and bury the reason behind the following…

  • Failure to follow the district’s procedure when authorizing transportation.
  • Failure to follow the district’s procedure for background checks of chaperones and drivers.
  • Allowing students to be transported in donated vans and without proper supervision.


So the principal of Hughes High School gets suspended for 2 weeks (one without pay) and the teacher gets a day without pay and why? Well here…allow me to copy & paste from THIS article.

“According to the district, McFadden and a group of volunteers took 31 students to the Board of Elections Oct. 13 to vote, then out for ice cream. The outing spurred a court action by the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes and Republican Tom Brinkman Jr. The filing alleges the students were given only Democratic sample ballots and accuses the district of partisan politics. A 2002 agreement between the district and COAST prohibits the district from using employees or property to support a candidate.”

What this article then goes on to tell us is what the yearly salaries of both the principal and the teacher are and gives a detailed look at the principal’s personnel file. Apparently she had a run-in with a student at some point and used some naughty language. FOR SHAME!

So this begs the following questions…

  • Was this a conspiracy to sway some students to vote (eventually) for a Democrat and should this be of major concern?
  • What exactly IS the Coalition Opposed To Additional Spending & Taxes and don’t they have anything better to do with their time?
  • What the hell is Tom Brinkman Jr’s role in all of this and doesn’t he have anything better to be worried about than 20 or so STUDENTS learning how to vote, especially during an election month?
  • What EXACTLY did the principal call that student that got her in so much trouble back in 1996?
  • What kind of ice cream were they going to buy and more importantly was the money going to be funded by taxpayers?

THESE are the questions that MUST be answered! because I have now seen this story in the local paper maybe 4 times already and I have GOT to imagine that this is tying up some pretty important paper space. I mean, this couldn’t possibly be some kind of ridiculous campaign by a Republican to get publicity…could it? Because a Republican would never stoop so low. Right?

If anyone has any questions to my interest in this story, please see THIS posting from this past week. Thanks for reading!

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1 Response to As If Teaching Wasn’t Hard Enough…

  1. mom says:

    I think you have SEEN THE LIGHT!!! Great blog! Love….mom (P.S. What kind of Ice Cream?Graeters?)

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