Detroit In Hipstamatic

Ah the beauty of Detroit. The Motor City is known for it’s luscious views, it’s warm weather and it’s…wait…I’m thinking of someplace else. It’s cold in Detroit and maybe not a lot to look at. But whatever, the Hipstamatic app can find beauty anywhere. And here’s the proof. I went for a walk along the water near our hotel (the downtown Marriott) and snapped these photos. Leave it to me to make this city look purty…

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2 Responses to Detroit In Hipstamatic

  1. mandy says:

    I stayed in that hotel when we went to the OSU/Mich game a few years ago. We were on the floor right under where that line goes around up towards the top. From there, the view out over the water (looking @ all the casinos over in Canada) actually was pretty nice. Oh, and the lighthouse picture is amazing! Nifty app you have there Alan.

  2. Mel says:

    Great job making the city look pretty. Where is the photos of all the pot holes?
    We did stay in Birmingham (I believe), which isn’t too far from 8 Mile. And it was VERY pretty. So, it was hidden in Detroit, but was surprisingly nice.

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