Crossing The Line

Okay…here’s the deal…I’ve been traveling. Like…a lot. And there are rules of travel that everyone knows if you travel as much as I do. Some are important rules, some seem important but we’re not sure if they mean anything or not (does an IPod REALLY affect the navigation system of an airplane? I would hope not…but I dunno.) and then there are some that are just plain dumb but we do them anyway because someone tells us we should. But there is one rule that I think should never be crossed if at all possible and it is this…

Never, EVER, invade the sitting space of the person sitting next to you UNLESS you are invited.

Look…planes ain’t getting any bigger. Actually, I’m not positive of this, but I really believe they are getting SMALLER. I don’t know if the airline industry has taken it upon itself to PROVE to us that we’re getting fatter or what, but it is damn next to impossible to get on a plane these days without feeling like you’re 50 pounds overweight. But that’s not my issue here…MY issue is that people have a tendency to believe that they can just do whatever they want on a plane and that is just not true. The truth is that I paid just as much for MY ticket (or SOMEONE paid for it anyway) and the seat I’m sitting in is MINE. Not yours. So when this happens….


Wait…you say you don’t see it? Okay…here…let me spell it out for ya…

Seeing it now???

Still no? Okay then…here…THIS should explain it…

So NOW you getting the picture? This guy sitting next to me is ALL up in MY business! He’s pretty much taking up every inch of space in these 2 seats! So while he naps and snores next to me (which is EXACTLY what this guy was doing), he’s managed to spread out like he’s in his lounge chair back home and made himself comfortable while I can’t move an inch! That’s BS!

Look…I know some people need a little extra room. These planes ain’t big! They are teenie tiny little planes that leave us with very little breathing room. And comfort is NOT a factor here because NO ONE is comfortable. So don’t go making yourself at home in MY space without at least acknowledging it! And you better sure as hell not be SNORING in my ear when this happens ’cause next time I’m gonna drop my soft drink that was so nicely prepared by the stewardess on your lap!

You have been warned!

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2 Responses to Crossing The Line

  1. kat says:

    HAHAHAHHA!!! I always wonder what you do during all your travels to keep yourself amused. I love picturing this whole post… you taking pictures of the sleeping guy… his leg touching yours while you inwardly fume. But I am sorry that you were violated in such a way. love ya!

  2. kat says:

    P.S. 5 star rating for the work you put into the photo explanation alone! sorry, but lmao!

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