One Crazy Year

Looking at 2010 Thru My Rear View…

When I look back on 2010, there are gonna be a lot of great memories there. So many places, so many people, so many things to remember. It was an exciting year for me and my family. Not to say it wasn’t without its hardships. I was gone a lot for work. My kids missed me quite a bit and my life was disjointed most of the 365 days. But that being said…here is a brief synopsis of what went down in this crazy year that was 2010…

Family Events:
We took vacations to Zanesville, Williamsburg & Chicago. Ava lost her 2 front teeth. Christopher played baseball, basketball & football. Ava was a cheerleader, a ballerina & is learning to play the violin. We bought a new car (goodbye Ford Explorer and hello Traverse!). I went on a “guy’s trip” to Las Vegas with my friends in February. Stephanie went to her Class Reunion in the Quad Cities. And last, but not least, Stephanie & I celebrated our 10th Anniversary together by going to Napa Valley & Santa Barbara.

Cities I/We Visited:
Morgantown, Miami, Champaign, Louisville, Las Vegas, Knoxville, Lexington, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Augusta, New York City, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland, Williamsburg, Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Buffalo, San Diego, Tampa, Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, Atlanta, Kansas City, Detroit, Jacksonville, Philadelphia & Nashville.

Major Events Worked:
Super Bowl XLIV Week, The NCAA Tournament, The Final Four, The Masters, The NFL Draft, The Kentucky Derby, Reds Baseball, The NFL Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Concerts Attended:
Pearl Jam (Columbus), Dave Matthews Band (New Orleans), Collective Soul (St. Louis), Gloria Estefan (Miami), Rhianna & Timbaland (Miami), a Benefit Concert (Nashville) with members of various 80’s rock bands that I actually got to meet & I had tickets to see U2 in Seattle but they had to cancel. Which sucked.

If you’re curious about my favorite SONGS of 2010…visit my music blog site, Music Makes The World Go Round!!!


  • Hugging my brother & sisters after the 4th of July fireworks in Zanesville.
  • Watching Christopher’s first game as a starting pitcher. He got the first 2 outs easily then the opposing team scored 5 quick runs. But still…he got the first 2 outs quick!

  • Mom & Dad watching the kids for 5 days so Stephanie & I could celebrate our 10th Anniversary in Napa & Santa Barbara (Thanks so much!)
  • Christopher hitting a game-winning shot in basketball with :10 seconds remaining.
  • Ava’s Ballet performance.
  • Our trip to Williamsburg and the time spent with Uncle Wayne & Aunt Anita.
  • I met 2 of my favorite bloggers while traveling…Danielle-Lee in Dallas & Chris in Seattle.
  • I traveled with the Cincinnati Reds and they made it into the Playoffs!
  • Ava performing “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on the violin. I wasn’t there, but Stephanie recorded it for me and she did great!!!

  • The Final Four in Indianapolis was probably the highlight of my career. I was on the 3D crew and to be at the single event that I’ve always wanted to work was definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever done!
  • And I don’t know this for sure…but we’re thinking this year was the last that Christopher actually believes in Santa Clause. Dunno why…but this makes me very sad. 😦

Goodbye 2010! Here’s hoping 2011 brings new adventures and some even greater moments!

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1 Response to One Crazy Year

  1. Amber says:

    It was a wonderful year, and that was the best 4th of July ever. Happy New Year!

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