Ava & Gwen Stefani…Dog

Obviously NOT a dog…

Gwen Stefani is the lead singer of the band “No Doubt” and a successful solo artist, model and product spokeswoman. But her greatest accomplishment in MY opinion? Is being the name given to one of Ava’s favorite stuffed animals. And sadly, a year or so ago, Ava lost Gwen Stefani Dog and she was never seen again.


Monday when I took Ava to her favorite clothing store, Justice, and there…on the Webkinz discount rack…in a nice little handbag…was an older and much wiser Gwen Stefani Dog!!! Imagine her joy when her friend was found and returned to her (for a paltry sum of $8.99) on a cool winters day in Kentucky! Oh Gwen Stefani Dog…where have you been??? Ava is now quite happy and has not been without her pet for a few days now. And oddly enough, I was also happy to see her return…if only for the reason that GSD was Ava’s first real stuffed animal friend. She always had her at her side for almost 2 years and when she was lost, it was a very sad day. So this was a great find indeed…and all is right in this weary world.

Welcome back Gwen Stefani Dog! We have missed you! LOL

The REAL Gwen Stefani Dog

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