The 6th Floor Museum (Dallas, TX)



Green Bay won the Super Bowl yesterday and now that THAT is over, I got a little time in Dallas to visit one of the more historical sites in our nation today. The 6th Floor Museum used to be the home of the Texas School Book Depository. In 1963, a man named Lee Harvey Oswald was employed there. On November 22, he sat in the 6th story corner window of the building and shot the President of the United States with a high-powered rifle on Elm Street at 12:30pm ET. Of course that President was John F. Kennedy and his assassination has been one of the more studied moments ever in our modern times. I’m not a historical buff in the traditional sense, but I HAD to visit this location while in Dallas and, with my hotel literally 2 blocks away, I was able to go for a short walk for my visit.

The Grassy Knoll

Dealey Plaza

I’ve been to plenty of museums before so I imagined this one would be a few photographs, maybe some family pictures and a clear view out the window where Oswald took his fateful shot. But this little tour was more than I thought it would be! As you enter (admission is $13.50 for adults, kids are $12, under 12 yrs old are free), they give you headsets and you listen to a history of what happened throughout that day. There is a lot of news footage and photographs documenting everything from the moment JFK landed in Dallas to the shooting of Oswalt by local businessman Jack Ruby.I particularly liked the news footage and some of the detailed reenactment pieces in the tour and it IS kind of cool seeing the vantage point from where Oswalt sat that day. I also liked the 7th Floor exhibit which is a detailed look at Jack Ruby, the man who shot & killed Oswalt. I never knew anything about him but this exhibit gives a full look at the man and his life. Very interesting stuff!

If there is a downside, they don’t allow photographs inside the museum, however most of the pictures you can find online and the video has been featured in many documentaries many times before. But it’s great that all of that information has been placed in one spot to be viewed and studied, even if it is for one of the worst moments in our country’s history. If you’re ever in Dallas, you should take some time and visit this museum. It’s fascinating and educational all at the same time!

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4 Responses to The 6th Floor Museum (Dallas, TX)

  1. Totally agree! It is a MUST DO when in Dallas. Btw – Love the pic pointing out the 6 th floor behind you. Good shot dude 🙂

    Did you get mobbed by the street vendors selling home burned DVD’s of “The truth behind the mystery of JFK” according to… ____ (insert crazy conspiracy person)? They are the funniest part of the experience!

  2. mom says:

    Oh my gosh, Alan. You do bring back memories. I can still hear the news comentator shouting “He’s been shot! He’s been shot! Lee Harvey Oswald has been shot!!” Jack Ruby shot Oswald and then died in jail of cancer. I (hear me Tony) truly believe Ruby shot Oswald to keep his mouth shut. Think of who profitted by Kennedy’s death. Never mind. You’re waaaay out of school! Love…mom

    • Al says:

      They actually talk about that in the exhibit Mom and there are thoughts that, with his ties to the mob, Ruby might have been doing just that. But it was never proven and probably never will be.

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