Well This Sucks (Goodbye Garvey)

Ain’t he just the cutest thing? Apparently his owners think so also…

As if winter hasn’t sucked enough, come to find out that our latest addition, little terrier/chihuahua mix, Garvey, has been sought by his original owners. Unknown to us, they have been looking for him and despite the efforts of Stephanie and her friend, Rachelle, it appears he will be returning to them this weekend at some time. There’s a long story of miscommunication here between the owners and the SPCA however it would take too long to get into and quite frankly…it’s not worth the time. What matters is little Garvey (or Snoopy, as his other family calls him) will be returning home to be with his other owners and their 2 children. We hope only for the best and we pray that he grows to be a good little dog and stays as feisty and fun-loving as he is now! We will miss him dearly…especially Christopher who has taken a real liking to him.

On the upside though, the owners have put us in contact with the people where they got Garvey/Snoopy and they have a female newborn that is about 2 weeks old! So we might be in for a little more than we bargained for here pretty soon if my kids have anything to say about it! LOL

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2 Responses to Well This Sucks (Goodbye Garvey)

  1. ruth ann says:

    That just really sucks, that’s all I got!!!

  2. Amber says:

    Sorry, guys. You can have one of mine…

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