Derek Jeter Could Do Better

#99? Really?

So my flight is delayed…again. So I figured I might as well burn some time by logging on and checking out the latest news at Sports Illustrated. At the top of the page was a link to AskMen, a site dedicated solely to men (obviously), which means NO WOMEN ALLOWED! Well…that’s not really true. As a matter of fact, women pretty much take up most of the site. Well..except for articles about sports, sex and cars. So anyway, I see there’s a list of the 99 Most Desirable Women and I HAVE to check it out. I mean…I’m a guy and it’s in my DNA and besides…I’m a big fan of “Lists” so…I was curious.

Unfortunately I’m on wireless and and the link was taking forever to load, however the first woman listed at 99 was…

Minka Kelly?

In case you forgot what she looks like

Are you kidding me? Number 99??? I have to be honest…I had heard of her and seen her picture before but I honestly had no idea who she was (except after Google-ing her I found out she’s an actress on “Friday Night Lights” and that she’s apparently dating Derek Jeter…), but C’MON! She’s beautiful! And so I didn’t go any further.

Look…if THIS woman is #99 then I don’t even wanna know who is #1 because quite frankly she probably would blind me with some kind of golden lazer light. It would be like Medusa was staring at me with her eyes all black and I would turn to stone with her beauty instead of her hideousness. I would burst into flames and then my ashes would scatter all over the airport terminal. And that would be kind of weird.

Minka Kelly…AskMens’  #99 Most Desirable Woman In The World. Derek Jeter could probably do better, I imagine.


So I’m going back to Sports Illustrated. They have articles I REALLY want to read…like about this year’s Brooklyn Decker swimsuit edition photo shoot in the Virgin Islands…

Brooklyn Decker at the Media Center this year in Dallas…

Brooklyn Decker in Sports Illustrated. Sliiiiightly different from when I saw her…

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3 Responses to Derek Jeter Could Do Better

  1. Frank says:

    3.25 billion women in this world and Jeter has landed #99….and you say he can do better. You have very high standards for him. At least that is what I think you said, I skimmed the article while searching for more pics……

    I was being sarcastic. Just FYI.

  2. kat says:

    Frank just couldn’t stay focused to actually READ what you said. Don’t worry, us gals understood 🙂

  3. Nancy Barlow says:

    Is AskMen like the He-Man Woman Haters Club on “The Little Rascals”?

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