Hi…I’m Dead

So I was scouring the news headlines for something to write about this morning and there’s just so much! The devastation in Japan is horrific. The NCAA Tournament is about to begin (and does anyone have a better gig than ESPN’s Joe Lunardi?). A local riverboat restaurant floats down the river with 80+ people on it. The new IPad2 sold out everywhere and now I don’t have to worry about THAT temptation. So many things to write about but the one that totally grabs me was this photo in this morning’s Cincinnati Enquirer…

Courtesy: The Enquirer/Ernest Coleman

Local councilman Ted Bushelman passed away last week from an apparent heart attack. He was 75 years young. I didn’t know Ted Bushelman other than what I’ve read about him in his obituary but I have to hand it to him…this cardboard cutout of him speaks volumes. Can I just say, when I die (and considering I’m only 33 years younger than he was I’m sure it will happen at some point), I hope I have as much grace about it as he did. Reading from his obit, he had boundless energy and a great sense of humor. Considering he apparently had this cutout made over 15 years ago, the guy obviously had a taste for holding a punchline! How is THAT for timing? Seriously…this might be one of the greatest ideas in the history of death!

“Hi. I’m Ted…and I’m dead…”?

That…is…amazingly hysterical!!! I’m sure, at this moment, his family is mourning his passing and this is a somber time. However, when I saw this photo, I damn near spit out my coffee laughing and I have to believe that somewhere up in heaven, Ted is looking down and he can appreciate that he has touched the funny bone of someone he never met and I’m sure it made his day. There is a great quote by Dr. Seuss that works in this particular case and I believe it to hold true…

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

I believe Mr. Bushelman understood this.

Thank you, Ted Bushelman, for your service to out local community all those years and for making me smile this morning. Considering the dark times we live in, it’s nice to see someone with a little color who understands that a good laugh makes life worth living…even after death.

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1 Response to Hi…I’m Dead

  1. That’s really cool. The dude had impeccable timing and that’s comedy in a jar. Cool write up, thanks!

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