You Gain One…And You Lose One…And Then There’s The Bulldogs

Cute…especially when she sleeps!

Sunday, March 27th was a busy day for us here in the Layton household. I returned from New Orleans after being there for 6 days (and survived). And as soon as I arrived we went to pick up our new family member, Stella. Stella is a terrier/dachshund mix (we think) and is as energetic as you can expect a puppy to be. Christopher won’t put her down and she and Barkley are…ahem…”friendly” (although her nipping did elicit some growling this morning! LOL). So we have a new mouth to feed and I’m sure her chewing (mostly on my slippers) and training will be all kinds of fun! Oooor not…

And they call it…PUPPY LOVE!

Also Ava lost another tooth today! She hadn’t lost one in a while and this one was determined to come out quickly and easily. The tooth fairy left her 5 gold doubloons and she is RICH! So I told her she should take us all out for dinner. Needless to say….that’s probably not gonna happen.

Right lateral incisor? Gone.

On a NON-family related note, the Kentucky Wildcats are headed to the Final Four to face UConn in what will be a great game, I’m sure. And in the other bracket? VCU vs Butler? This year’s March Madness has been VERY maddening…but sure fun to watch! Especially Butler, who I have been following in their tournament rounds. 3 of the 4 games they’ve played to this point have been wins by 3 points or less and they have been a remarkable storyline in this year’s tourney. Can’t wait to see them face off against one of the peskiest defenses I’ve ever seen in VCU next weekend! I’m rooting for a UK/Butler Championship! If anything…it makes for great drama and CBS gets a huge rating simply because EVERYONE wants to see if Butler can return and knock off a powerhouse like UK!

On location at the New Orleans Regional

Okay…that is all.

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