Golden Bell

The most famous hole at Augusta National is the par 3, 155 yard 12th hole known as “Golden Bell.” You could argue that this small little hole is the world’s most famous, but then you will always find someone who will question that. There’s always Pebble Beach’s 7th green among many others that some find to be more to their liking. For me though, Golden Bell is special because I see so much of it. As a part of the CBS crew that works the coverage at Amen Corner (and ONLY Amen Corner), I have seen many golfers fall apart on this little hole and the mystique of it is what makes it such a special little piece of land. With crosswinds blowing and the placement of the pin making all the difference, Golden Bell ruined the birdie and par opportunities of many golfers this year, including Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. So it will forever be the staple of this particular corner of Augusta National.With this being my 6th time visiting Augusta, I figured it was my time to pay The Bell a visit. As usual, I took my camera (well…actually it was my buddy Joel’s camera). Here is a look at the world’s most famous hole (in MY opinion) and the Ben Hogan Bridge. I might not be a golfer but even I understand the significance of my visit. Yes…I am a very lucky man…

The Golden Bell

The Tee Box

Ben Hogan Bridge

Standing On The Bridge

View From BEHIND the Green

Yeah…It’s Grass.

And now…my video presentation!

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2 Responses to Golden Bell

  1. mom says:

    Dad says: “Thanks for the walk across Ben Hogan Bridge!! I teed off and of course I made an ACE! Too bad Tiger didn’t. Great video, son. Love…dad” I think it is great, too. Love….mom

  2. Beautiful pictures and amazing video! Thank you so much for sharing. I t makes me miss that place so much… it is one of the most awe inspiring pieces of land on this earth for me. I can never give enough thanks, for having been able to walk those grounds with my father.

    Did you do the video edit? I like the transitions and audio. Did you use the iMovie app, or export it to Adobe Premier/Windows Movie Maker/etc.?

    I edited the video on my IPhone with the ReelDirector app. The audio mix is sloppy but I did it on the plane so…I wasn’t looking for a masterpiece, ya know? LOL

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