9 Years Young

Today Christopher turns 9. He says he doesn’t WANT to turn 9…he apparently REALLY enjoyed being 8. And I can’t argue with that. 2010 was a very good year for him. He played football, basketball and baseball. He played with his buddies non-stop. He studied and read and learned so much. Christopher is the epitome of being a boy…he loves sports and roughing it up with his friends. It’s amazing watching him grow and I can honestly say he’s the greatest kid I could have asked for. So I know that 8 was definitely a great year for Christopher…but I gotta tell ya…I’m really looking forward to watching him grow in year 9. I just hope he doesn’t grow too fast because the years are flying by and the bigger he gets, the older I feel! Here’s a few pictures of Christopher’s 8th year…and what a year it was!

Homework sucks

Horsing Around

With mom at a Bengals game

At Paul Brown Stadium

The kid has an arm!


Cool Cat

In Chicago


Football player

With Stella

Happy Birthday buddy. Your daddy loves you!

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1 Response to 9 Years Young

  1. Amber says:

    sorry, haven’t logged on in a while. Happy birthday Christopher! And when I start feeling old, how does that make you feel? Love you!

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