What The Heck…”The Hat”

The biggest wedding since…well..since Diana & Charles said “I do” in 1981 happened this past week and there were millions watching as the new royal couple strolled down the aisle to get hitched. I honestly didn’t watch any of it but there were so many people talking about it and the media was swarming everywhere so I couldn’t go without seeing SOMETHING from the wedding and before I saw pictures of the bride or the groom or anything else from the wedding I see this…

Lady Gaga…eat your heart out! Princess Beatrice TRUMPS anything you’ve worn in concert including that ridiculous meat outfit. Seriously…you gotta be a little bit loopy to show up to a royal wedding wearing this! That’s CRAZY! It’s amazing she got past security wearing that thing. I’m pretty sure it’s considered a dangerous weapon in several countries. I was reading where one person compared the hat to fallopian tubes and a uterus. Someone else compared it to a sign of the devil. In my opinion it looks like a “Pop-A-Shot.” I’m surprised people weren’t throwing tiny basketballs at her head, trying to make it through that hoop.

Ya know…I know I’m not someone who is up-to-date on the latest fashion trends but this? Well…it’s bad. Unless you’re an alien. But for a princess? Nah…no way. It’s really THAT bad.

And that’s all I got.

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1 Response to What The Heck…”The Hat”

  1. I didn’t watch any of the hoopla either but I did see that hat. I don’t even get how it is staying on her head!!

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