Spinning My Wheels: To Fan Or Not To Fan

I like it hot & sweaty…

Oh how long it has been. Seriously…at least 6 months have gone by without me so much as getting a consistent workout schedule. A couple years ago, my brother bet me I couldn’t get to a certain weight. That kind of kept me motivated but now? Now I gotta do this by myself. I’m 42 years old and I’m not gonna keep this girlish figure forever. As a matter of fact…the upsizing to my waist began probably a couple of years ago. Where there used to be nothing but flat road? Now I got speed bumps. So I have decided that this will be the summer of getting my ass back in some semblance of shape. And so this week it began.

On Tuesday I went to my first spin class since probably February. The entire room had been flipped around so that where the instructor sat has now been moved to a different part of the room. This of course meant one of 2 things…

Firstly…I wouldn’t be spinning near the window (which I enjoy doing) because the instructor now sits in front of them and we are all in the back of the room now.

And secondly…the ceiling fans are situated so that no longer is the air being evenly fanned around the spinners. Now, if you WANT the fans, you need to sit on the left side of the room. If not, the right.

So now it comes to this…am I a fan guy? Or am I manly enough to take the heat?

On Tuesday, I chose the left. Not by choice per se. I mean…I hadn’t been there in a while and didn’t really realize what the differences were gonna be. But on Thursday I took some time to walk around the room and noticed the temperature difference. But seeing as how I had already been working out for an hour and I already had my bike picked out, I once again chose the fans over the heat of the “other” side of the room.

But today? I went “No Fan” and ya know what? I’m happy to say I’m a “No Fan” kinda guy. I like the sweat. I like the heat. I don’t like working so hard to see sweat dripping to the side of my bike. One of the gratifying things about spinning is that you can see the fruits of your labor. That little pool next to the bike? That’s your work for the day. So when I have a cool breeze blowing on me I don’t get that because the sweat doesn’t happen as easily. If I go “No Fan,” I can sweat to my heart’s content and not feel like I’m not getting a quality workout.

On Tuesday & Thursday I went to the gym an hour early and worked out before my spin class. I burned off about 1,200 calories both days (although on Thursday I went home and did some yardwork after and managed to burn off close to 2,500 once it was all said and done!). Today I walked into the class, had the class for 45 minutes and managed to burn about 1,000 without the added hour before. So was it the heat? Probably not. Sweat doesn’t include calories (I don’t think), but it did make me work a little harder and I felt stronger the more I perspired.

So I am a NON-FAN person. I like it hot. And sweaty. And drippy. Gimme the hot side of the room, thank you very much. And if you’re ever spinning in my class you may want to sit a few bikes over. I sweat a lot and I’m not gonna apologize about it.

Here’s a good spin mix if you’re in the mood…

For more good music…visit my music blog…Music Makes The World Go Round!

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1 Response to Spinning My Wheels: To Fan Or Not To Fan

  1. Amber says:

    I really want to try a spin class. I typically run and cycle on my cardio days, 45 min of straight cardio. It is getting boring and I seem to skip those days at the gym more frequently. Love my lifting days, they never get boring!

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