It’s The End Of The World As We Know It And I Feel (Oddly Enough) Fine

The Rapure. According to Wikipedia (the bastion of all knowledge), Christian radio broadcaster Harold Camping has gone on record saying that May 21st will be the date for the big moment. Not only that but he has also given the exact TIME for this to happen! And I guess this guy should know considering he also predicted our demise for September 1994. I remember that day because I threw this huge party for my closest 10,000 friends, used my VISA to pay for all the booze and then…



And I got stuck with the bill. Took me 10 years to pay that sucker off…

So you’ll have to pardon me if I’m not feeling too uneasy about THIS prediction. Oh sure, I suppose it could happen. Camping uses some kind of Bible-based numerology system to come up with his “exact date” for the big event so obviously it COULD happen. I guess realistically it could happen at any moment. We could be driving our SUV down interstate 101 and POOF…gone! Or watching our kids play baseball or eating a slice of pizza or running on the treadmill or flying a plane or doing any number of everyday things and then…it’s over.

And if this IS the end, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad? If you think about it, the Rapture is, in biblical reference of 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17, when Christians will be taken up to meet Christ and when Jesus will return to gather his saints. Needless to say, I’m not a saint so I doubt I’m gonna get a free pass on this one but I am hopeful in the end that I will be granted access to heaven and that by being the best person I can be that I might be allowed to pass through the Pearly Gates and join all the other angels to float freely on the clouds while sunbathing and drinking fruity cocktails all day & night. But you never know. Maybe there have been too many things that I have done that I’m not sorry for that will block my entrance into heaven? Maybe I haven’t been a good enough person/father/husband/friend? Maybe what I perceive as having a good life has really been a test that I have failed miserably (ala Albert Brooks in “Defending Your Life”).

It could be true. And when that time comes, I will have to own up for my sins.

Here’s the thing…everything we do, everything we have, every moment we are awake we make CONSCIENCE decisions. If you look around you, our entire existence is based on conscience decisions. The fact that you are awake and reading this is a conscience decision. Your wall color? Conscience decision. The time spent with your family? Conscience decision. Mowing the grass today? Conscience decision. Going to work? Conscience decision. Spending time with the homeless? Conscience decision.

You get my drift. EVERYTHING we do is a conscience decision. No matter how big or how small, we make the decisions to do what we do. Now whether our decisions are right or not, that’s totally up to you and “He Who Is Our Creator.” Who am I to judge who is making the correct decisions? You want to sleep all day? That’s your decision. You want to rob a bank? Your decision. If I want to sit here in front of my computer and not do a damn thing all day long? My decision. And I live with the consequences.

So for me, I have to ask myself…have I lived my life to its fullest? Have I made smart conscience decisions? Not always. But I can say that I have learned from the many mistakes that I have made and I grown from them. With error comes understanding and I have to believe that is what this life is all about. We are born in naivete and it is only with age that we learn what’s what. Eventually, if given the time, we learn what is right and wrong. We learn when to jump with both feet or when to test the waters first. And we learn when to speak or when to listen. It’s all about experience and sometimes we need time to learn from our mistakes to realize what we should have done. I have had many of those moments and I think I’m on the right track now but that brings me to another point about this whole “End Of The World” theory…

I’m not done yet.

As much as I would like to think that I am ready for the Big Moment…I’m not. Not because I am scared that I won’t get into heaven. I figure that decision is totally out of my hands. But I don’t feel like I’ve done everything I was put here to do. I will never be a preacher or a great humanitarian. I understand my limitations and I can’t imagine a WORSE person to stand in front of a group of people to try to lead them to a better place in their lives. I barely understand MY life, let alone have the peace of mind to tell others what they should be doing. But I feel like I can be so much more. I can be a better father. I can be a better friend. I can be a better husband. And I think there will be a time when I will be ready for The Big Moment and I will be ready to go. But that time is NOT May 21, 2011. I got too many things to do, too many things to say, so much more to offer.

If Harold Camping has done anything, maybe it’s put a little fear into us. Maybe THINKING about The Rapture is enough to make us WANT to be better human beings. Because you never know…maybe the dude is right. Maybe May 21, 2011 IS our last day here and then maybe we will be judged on what we have done up to this point. If that is the case, I am at ease with my fate. I have made many mistakes and I have suffered the consequences for them. Maybe I could have been a better person. Maybe I could have been a more caring friend. But whatever the consequences, I am owning up to my faults and my life is in order. There is always room for improvement but I am ready whenever it’s my time to go.

I just hope it’s not before Christopher’s baseball game because I’d really like to see him pitch one more time. The kid has a serious heater! Oh…and Ava has a basketball game at 1pm. Aaaaand I gotta get the grass mowed. Come to think of it…I got TOO many things to do so can we just postpone it for another 20 years or so? That would be great…thanks.

Here’s a really cool music mix for ya if you want something to listen too during your wait for the end! Or if you like apocalyptical flicks, here are MY favorite of all-time! Happy End Of The World Day!

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