3 Weeks And Only 3 Days

So I’ve had some time off here lately. For 3 weeks I am working a total of 3 days. And in that span I have been working hard at some things that got left out when I was busting my tail doing “work” related things. Stuff like going to my son’s baseball games (when they are not rained out), watching my daughter’s basketball games, listening to Ava play the violin, spending quality time with my wife and really listening to what she has to say, playing with our dogs, hanging out with my friends and neighbors (who are also my friends but they also, by proximity, are considered to be my neighbors) and doing a lot of grocery shopping (the clerks now know my name at this point). Then there are also the house things that I have been trying to get a start on. Been doing some yard work, trying to organize a  little better and doing little odd things here and there. It’s been a productive 2 weeks and I’ve been enjoying it!

Almost so much that now I don’t wanna go back to work!

But eventually all good things must come to an end and on Monday I head back to Great American Ball Park to hopefully watch the Reds get their act back together. Things have (per usual) gone south with this roadtrip to Cleveland and Philadelphia and they still have to make a stop in Atlanta before making back to Cincinnati. They’re sliding a bit and stand 3.5 games behind the hated Cardinals at this point. Hopefully they can pull it together soon or this summer will seem like an eternity for Reds fans before we even get to July!

As for our family, we have a few trips planned. Gonna head to the Outer Banks for a family trip. Gotta go see Grandma & Grandpa in Zanesville a couple times. Lots of summer activities are planned. Christopher has basketball, baseball AND football camps scheduled. Ava has music camp and who knows what else and then there’s all the regular stuff they do such as the baseball games and the pool and the Kings Island trips and so on & so forth. It’s shaping up to be a busy summer and I can’t wait!

But mostly I’m just enjoying some time off. Much needed time off, I might add. And now it’s time for me to go get a quick nap before I pick up the kids from school. They have 4 more days and I have to get a few things done before then but for now…I think a nap in the early afternoon would do me some good.

Hope your summer is getting off to a great start also! Watch out for those tornadoes!

I have added a couple of blogs to my blogroll. I’ve been on the lookout for a couple of new sites that might be of interest to my friends. The first, “The Art Of Intimacy” has been a very useful site that is a couples based site. The other, “Return To The 80’s,” takes a look at the greatest decade EVER! Go check them out and enjoy! I know I do!

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