All Banged Up

As I’ve mentioned, Christopher’s baseball season is in full swing now and we’re only in May! With the rainfall we’ve had, quite a few of his practices and games have been postponed and rescheduled but his team, the Bulldogs, have done very well considering the lack of practice time they’ve had because of the weather. So with his sports endeavors, you would imagine that Christopher (or “#10” or “Fer Fer” or “Chris” as he’s known to his friends & coaches) would get a few bumps and bruises. With all of the sliding into home, stealing 2nd, getting beaned by a balls or being jumped on by his teammates for hitting the game-winning home run, Christopher has really gotten beaten up! Check out THESE injuries…

Stubbed toe while playing ball tag at a friends’ house while sliding into home plate.
Nice gash that bled profusely.

Fell and banged knee while running up the front steps to get his sunflower seeds to eat in the dugout when rounding third and running into 3rd base coach. Gotta watch those wide turns…

Bruised shoulder while playing streetball with his friends and slipping & falling and hitting the curb diving for a high fly ball to center that would have been a home run if he hadn’t caught it over the fence!

New Addition: THIS injury he actually DID get playing baseball. Sliding into home on Sunday he bruised up his right thigh. The kid is a walking bruise…

As you can see…Christopher is the all-star on his team! With all these sports related injuries, I have to wonder if we’ll make it through the summer?

On a serious note, Christopher IS playing very well and has improved a lot this season compared to last year. All facets of his game have improved including his batting, his pitching and his fielding! I couldn’t be prouder of him and his team! They are playing great right now and we are hoping to do well in the upcoming Louisville tournament in a few weekends! Here are some pictures taken of him during our Memorial Day Tournament this weekend. The Bulldogs went 1-1 and Christopher pitched 3 innings, gave up only 3 runs and had a couple hits in the 2 games on Saturday. They have 1 game tonight (Sunday) and 2 games tomorrow to wrap up the tourney. Here’s hoping Christopher and all of his teammates continue to work hard and continue to improve because they really are doing great and should be ready to replace the Reds by the end of July…

Batter up!

Here come the heater!


(Thanks to our friend, Rachelle Noah, for taking these pictures! She has a much longer lens than I have on my IPhone…lol)

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2 Responses to All Banged Up

  1. kat says:

    Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing, makes us want to have a boy now! 🙂

  2. mom says:

    When Christopher was younger and I asked him what his name was he said “fer” because he couldn’t say Christopher
    Now they are using it as as nickname!! How great is that!!? Love………mom and grandma

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