Good For The Soul

23 years later… 

Friendships come in a variety of packaging…especially when you get older. You have your work friends, your neighborhood friends, the friends that you hang with because your kids are friends, drinking friends, shopping friends, etc & so forth. But the friends that I love the most are the friends from my past. Obviously the reason that I have such a fondness for those friends is because we share so many memories. When you have friends from your past you don’t need to fit in…you just do. And when you have great friends that you simply fall in place with even after 23 years have gone by? It’s all the sweeter. This past weekend, I was able to spend a few days in Seattle with 3 people I haven’t seen in quite some time but it was like time had stood still. Not only did we still look the same as we did all those years ago (although some of us have aged better than others [we hate you Chaya]), we still have the same ideals, values and humor that we had growing up.

Reuniting with these 3 people in my favorite city was possibly the most fun I have had in years simply because we fit so well together. Telling stories about when we were young, walking around the city and enjoying a drink here & there all over Seattle (and it usually included a bit of vodka, some hot sauce and a little tomato juice) may not seem like the most exciting weekend to you, but for me it was therapeutic. The weather was fantastic (which is a crapshoot in Seattle), the city was wonderful and the big finale (U2 in concert at Qwest Field) was everything I had hoped it would be! So to say that our little weekend getaway was a success would be a understatement. For me, it was the best possible weekend I could have asked for that didn’t include my family.

JT & I on the field for U2! (Tom & Chaya had seats…in the nosebleeds)

Friends are not necessarily hard to come by…but GREAT friends are. And I would very much consider these 3 people to be my greatest friends. Not having seen Chaya in 23 years, she is still a remarkable woman and an amazing person. If there ever was a woman who is just “one of the guys,” she’s it (except for the fact that she has boobs. But there’s nothing we can do about that). Not having seen Tom in over 5 years, he is still the sensitive, sentimental soul that he has always been and he still laughs at my stupid jokes and sarcasm, even when it’s directed at him (seriously with the dad coat?). And JT is…well…he’s like my brother. If it weren’t for the fact that he’s orange and has the biggest head on the planet we would obviously be twins. Okay…maybe not twins but at least surrogates.

His head is so big it blocked the Market!

There were a lot of stories told (apparently tequila & high school don’t mix), lots of walking and many highlights to our weekend but here are just a few…

  • “ALAN! You wanna buy the fockers another round?!?!

Our bartender at Fado (Sinead) had more personality (and more middle fingers) than the rest of us combined!

  • JT ordering an Irish chardonnay at Fado (“What the f&%$ is an Irish chardonnay?”)
  • Chowing down on some waxed wombat at the Brazilian restaurant, Ipanema.
  • Tom “enjoying” the salmon Bloody Mary at Lowell’s at the Market. (Fish flavored alcohol? YUCK!)
  • Chaya stating that she couldn’t live in Seattle because they FORCE being “green” on everyone. Seriously with the toilets (half flush for #1, full flush for #2???) and the wastebaskets (Recyclables or Landfill? Gee..which should I choose?)?
  • Chaya pulling the trump card on the room with a view. One room had a beautiful view of the Needle, the other had a street view. Wonder which one WE got?
  • My “Ed Grimley” hair (“I’m having the most wonderful time, I must say!”)

Ed’s got nuthin’ on me

  • At one point I lost them at the EMP so I texted to find out where we they were. I received texts back from Chaya & JT simply saying, “Look behind you.” They couldn’t see me but I looked…several times. Veeeeery funny, you jokers…(I’m so gullible)
  • Relaxing at Alki Point.
  • Heckling the joggers while having lunch. I hate those healthy people…
  • Enjoying “Figs On A Stick” at Safeco Field.

Figs are TASTY! And kinda taste like chocolate-covered strawberries…

Anyway, these 3 people are very much a part of me. Having grown up in the same hometown, having known the same people and shared the same frustrations through the years, it’s obvious to me that there is a reason we are all friends. As I boarded the plane heading home on Sunday, I received a text from Chaya as she headed back to Los Angeles. It simply said…

“I had an awesome weekend. You guys are so good for the soul. Safe travels and talk to you soon.”

I can’t deny I felt a little sad reading it because it meant our great little weekend was over. But the woman was right in her assessment. This past weekend WAS good for the soul. Having friends is an important part of life but having great friends is an important part of who we are. To JT, Tom & Chaya I say…you guys are a part of me. Thank you so much for such an awesome weekend! Let’s do it again sometime sooner than 23 years…mmmmkay?

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2 Responses to Good For The Soul

  1. kat says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! I’m REALLY jealous of you trip and the concert, but I’m glad you got to see your friends.You and JT never change!!

  2. barb says:

    LOL to the big head on J.T. Glad you guys had such a great time. Hope to see you soon. 😉

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