Dessert Is Served!

Today was “Daddy Day” as Stephanie had to work and so I was left to my own devices as far as entertaining the kids. Although this might sound like a daunting task for some fathers, we all know that filling 12 hours or so of the day is a no problem proposition for this daring dad! So today we went to the pool for a few hours, headed to the movie theater to see “Kung Fu Panda II” (which wasn’t NEARLY long enough!) and then we headed home for me to make a delicious dinner of metts, beans and french fries. After dinner, Ava proclaimed that she was gonna make her “Super Secret Dessert!”

Well…how could we POSSIBLY turn that down? So we wrangled up some ingredients she needed and left her to make her delicious concoction. Here’s how you do it…

INGREDIENTS: Banana, tapioca pudding, chocolate syrup, whipped cream.

INSTRUCTIONS: Peel the banana, cut into pieces and place in bowls. Scoop in a generous portion of tapioca pudding, cover in chocolate syrup. Top off with whipped cream and serve!

If you have a sweet tooth…THIS will hit the spot! Give it a try and remember…Ava made it first!

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1 Response to Dessert Is Served!

  1. Kelsey says:

    I think your daughter is a culinary genius! Tell her I will be making this tonight…she has reignited my long-forgotten love for tapioca pudding 🙂

    Will do! She actually doesn’t really like tapioca that much but she needed that ONE EXTRA INGREDIENT…so she went with it! LOL

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