My Screensaver, My Life

As I sit at work, I have my laptop open and I my screensaver will go off after about 5 minutes of sitting stagnate (conserving energy, ya know) and it always amuses me when I see the pictures that pop up from time to time. I am a picture taker. I wouldn’t call myself a photographer because I don’t compose my shots. Many times, when I take photos, I take them on my phone…while moving…and when the person I’m taking a picture of isn’t even looking! So I love when I get a good one from time to time. Anyway, I’ve been busy lately and so I love it when these photos come up as I’m typing furiously at work (or not. Sometimes I just sit and wait for my screensaver to fire up…). They remind me who I am. Here are a few that make me smile…

These are just a few but they do the trick.

THIS is my life. And my screensaver reminds me…even when I’m many miles away…

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1 Response to My Screensaver, My Life

  1. Thomas says:

    Love it Alan. And your wife is beautiful. And the kids are clearly great. Lucky man.

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