2011 Cincinnati Final Four City Knothole Champions!

What a great ride this baseball season has been. From the frustration of bad weather & rain outs in April & May to the elation of what happened yesterday, our Bulldogs have grown so much this year and yesterday our team won the 2011 Cincinnati Final Four Knothole Championship for their age group! Is this a big deal? Well…consider they had to win their region (in the regional championship they were down 9-2 and came from behind to win) and then they played and won against the best teams from the north and west region to win it all, I would say…YEAH! It WAS a big deal!

In this 2 & out tournament, they beat the North team last Sunday then beat the west team on Tuesday to advance to the Final. In the first game, the North team (the Mason Bruins) beat them in a well-pitched matchup, 8-6. In the 2nd game, even though they were feeling low, the boys took a commanding pitching performance from their 2 pitchers and their bats came alive and they beat the Bruins 11-1! Christopher had 2 singles, 3 RBI and 4 stolen bases in 2 games and he had an awesome snowcone catch in right field in the 2nd game that kept the Bruins from scoring 2 runs in the 3rd inning.

I’m so proud of Christopher and all of the kids on his team! They worked so hard (some took batting practice in November!) and they ALL have grown so much! I can’t tell you how impressive they were and the way they did it? Well…that’s why we’re calling them the “Comeback Kids.” They always seemed to be slow out of the gate but when the game was on the line…they got down to business. They went undefeated in their division this year and then beat the best in the city. I would say THAT is a successful season! Great job to all the coaches and parents as we all worked to make sure that our kids had fun and kept cool during these hot months. Here’s hoping 2012 is just as successful as we attempt to defend our title! GO DAWGS!!!

In The Dugout

The local news media showed up

A rousing pep talk from the coach

Christopher gets his trophy

The BIG team trophy!

Signing the team ball

Noah came to cheer on the Bulldogs


Courtesy: Rachelle Noah

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