PGA Championship 2011

I found this picture from a Google search…

It never occurred to me that I am now 1 small step away from working all 4 of golf’s “premier” events. Thanks to my brother for pointing out that I have worked The Masters, The U.S. Open and now the PGA Championship, now all I have to do is get to the British Open (which will never happen) and my master plan will be complete! Needless to say, it does seem kind of cool that I have had the opportunity to work 3 of the 4 majors, even if I really hadn’t put much thought into it. And this past weekend in Atlanta…er…Johns Creek, Georgia, I got to see a bunch of young whippersnappers take over where the Phil Mickelsons, the Tiger Woods or the Jim Furyks usually showcase their talents. 2 American golfers that no one had ever heard of had a 3-hole playoff after having a tie score at the end of regulation play. It was on the 17th hole (one of the Par 3 holes) where Keegan Bradley (???) sank a 40 foot downhill putt that catapulted him into a tie with the leader, Jason Dufner (???) and got him rolling into the playoff. After 4 days of grueling golf, Bradley ended up taking home the giant Wanamaker trophy and ended 6 days of pain for me.

And when I say pain, I mean REAL pain. Because of this damn bulging disc in my back (which I’m getting checked on tomorrow), I spent most of the week popping pills, limping from our truck to the lunch area and shifting uncomfortably in my work chair. It wasn’t the easiest gig I’ve ever had and because of my back, I didn’t really get out to see any of the course. However I DID take a few pictures so that you can get a glimpse of what I saw in my 6 days in Johns Creek…

Who I Worked For

Our Media Truck Compound

One Big Mess Of Video Patch Panel Spaghetti

The Compound From The Blimp (NOT Taken By Me)

The Par 3 Truck Location (Highlighted By Me)

Aaaaand My Rock Hard Bed.
I had to pile the extra comforters and sheets up on top of it so I could sleep comfortably.

And THAT was my 93rd PGA Championship experience. Hopefully I get another chance to work another one so I can actually go out ON the course and see it for myself. But until I get this back issue worked out, I ain’t walking anywhere I don’t have to. Stupid back…

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