Getting It Done

Safe to say that the 4th grade has presented some challenges for our oldest. He’s doing his best and learning that school is a full-time job and, even though it’s difficult, he can do it with concentration and willpower. He’s a smart kid but after a full day of school and then at least an hour of homework every day, it can be mind numbing! So…what kind of homework does he have? Check this out…

I know, I know…his handwriting isn’t the best. He’s working on that part but there’s just a lot to do in this assignment and on the day that he had this he also had 3 other assignments from other classes to do! Needless to say, he can be a little devil at times, muttering under his breath and (probably) cursing at no one in particular but he’s getting through it and I’m sure he’ll be getting straight A’s now that we’ve bribed him he’s starting to get used to all of it.

Along with his homework, he’s also got football which is 3-nights-a-week practices that are 2 hours long along with his games on the weekends. So THAT ties up a lot of his time also. But he’s doing great! One week he was voted the practice player of the week and this past weekend he ran a punt return for a TD, had a TD run and then had a TD called back due to a penalty. But he got lots of playing time and everyone said he played great! Unfortunately, I wasn’t there but Steph was very excited for him and when I talked to him after he was very excited and thankful to get the playing time. Word is that Christopher is great under pressure and is a perfect teammate. I think that is the ultimate compliment for a boy his age…

ADDITIONAL NOTE: On Tuesday night, the Spartans won a game that had been rescheduled by a score of 30-8. Christopher didn’t score but he played well and he was nominated by his coaches as the “Offensive Player Of The Week!”  Congratulations Buddy! That’s awesome!!!

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  1. mandy says:

    Christopher really is a great kid! If you get the football game video footage from your friend, be sure to bring a highlight reel to Thanksgiving.

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