Stella Gets A Cone

So our little terrier mix has gotten her girlie parts removed and needless to say, the post-op incision has not been fun for her. She’s such an active little puppy that the stitches have come loose, she’s chewed on them, we’ve had to have them “glued” and even with her cone on, she STILL manages to itch at them. She’s supposed to get them out this week but I have to imagine this entire event has been somewhat of a frustration for her. We’ve tried to keep her at minimal energy but when all she wants to do is run & play, it gets kind of difficult. I wish I had HALF of her energy! For her art class assignment, Ava was to write a paper to someone she wished she could talk to. She chose Stella. Here is her attempt at getting Stella to lay low a little bit…

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3 Responses to Stella Gets A Cone

  1. And it always makes me think of Dug in Up!. “I do not like the cone of shame” 🙂

  2. mandy says:

    Ava is so sweet, she even remembered to draw Stella a “choo toy” to help keep her mind of the stitches 🙂

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