Walking The Red Carpet

You gotta love award shows. The stars always shine brightly on those nights in Hollywood or New York when the best in entertainment show up to collect their statues, proclaiming them to be the best at their craft. There are always stars walking the red carpet, dressed to the hilt in some of the most expensive gowns and suits that money can buy. What you DON’T see on those televised events are the people who work in the industry who aren’t famous but who do the little things to get the job done to bring those movies/albums/television shows to life. There are hundreds who have received awards that don’t get the airtime and go unnamed but who go home with a statue or plaque or something recognizing them for their achievements.

For example…these guys went home with an Oscar. In order to get recognized, they wore giant bowties and then dressed their Oscars with one as well. Nice touch, but I still have no clue who they are…

Or there are THESE guys who totally DUPED the Academy and won a Grammy even though they never sang a note on their album (which probably happens a lot nowadays) and won “Best New Artist” in 1989…

And MTV ALWAYS has its short list of winners that no one will know in 10 years…

And then there’s the Emmy Awards. With so many different technical achievement awards for television, there are obviously hundreds who don’t get recognized…like THIS guy…

Apparently the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will give a statue to just about ANYBODY who is willing to pony up the cash.

At least he’s wearing a red shirt.

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6 Responses to Walking The Red Carpet

  1. mom says:

    Gorgeous!!! You look pretty good, too. About time they recognized you!

  2. kat says:

    Woooo Hooo!! Yay!!! Alan!! That is so awesome and very much deserved. So very proud of my big bro! Love you and congrats!!!!!!! (there was alot of clapping too)

  3. Holy Cow! Congratulations!!!

  4. mandy says:

    Ditto what Kathy said! Wooohooo!!!!

  5. Amber says:

    Ditto, too! Chris is amazed. Please send me the picture so I can show it off to my friends. I already bragged, but a picture is worth a thousand words. đŸ™‚ SO proud of you Alan. You are too cool.

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