The World Of Ava

There is a lot going on in my daughter’s world right now. She’s a cheerleader for the Spartans Starters football team, she’s playing violin, she’s doing great in school (she & I built a diorama for her science class) and she’s been concentrating on a cheerleading competition that happened today. Her team came in 3rd overall but took 2nd in the dance category. I am SUPER proud of her and I have neglected to post pictures of her lately. So here is my daughter, growing bigger every day and getting a little too pretty for her age.

It’s gonna be a long 13+ years…

The Cougar Diorama

Spartan Spirit!

Blowing Kisses

It’s her superstar alter-ego!

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6 Responses to The World Of Ava

  1. You are going to be in SO much trouble in a few years. I hope you have a bat handy!

  2. kat says:

    She is just BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Amber says:

    Very worried for you. Do you think you will look good in gray?

  4. ruthieann613 says:

    Wow, growing up so fast!! So pretty!!

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