The Latest Fad

I thought the Japanese were more advanced than this…?

First we had Pokeman cards. Then silly bands. Then we had Pfiten necklaces. Then Christopher and all his buddies HAD to have ITouches (talk about a jump in price!). So now I’m imagining that the next big thing is gonna be a laptop or something that costs more than my mortgage and what does he want?

Ball On A Stick.


It’s the latest fad from Japan called Kendama. Now…I don’t know about you but I’ve been playing this game since I was a kid but it wasn’t called Kendama. I think it was called…uh…Ball In A Cup? Hell…I don’t know?!?  But now the Japanese have put a spin on it and instead of catching the ball in the cup…you catch the ball…on a STICK! Get it? It’s brilliant and the Americans will TOTALLY love it!


So now all the boys in Christopher’s class are playing this game and now he HAS to have one!!! “Oh please, pretty please, may I PLEEEEEEASE have a Ball On A Stick? It’s ONLY $20 and I’ll pay you back and PLEASE?!?!?!” PLEASE?!?!

$20 huh?

Conisdering the next step up was an IPad for $500, I think I’ll consider myself lucky and get the kid 2. Can’t wait til the pet rock makes IT’S reappearance…


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1 Response to The Latest Fad

  1. tonyburkhart says:

    Yeah… so the very first thing I thought after the first picture and paragraph was pet rock. You never disappoint! Kids these days. Crap, did I actually say that?

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