One of THOSE Days…

Yesterday was such a good day. I got home from Nashville in the morning, took care of my ailing son all day (sore throat, phlegmy, not his self), walked my daughter home from school, had good quality time with my family and I felt good! Last night I watched my favorite tv shows before going to bed and then…this morning happened. WHAT happened. you ask? Well…nothing in particular. I got up at the normal time to take my kids (and the neighbor kids) to school. Steph went to work at 9:30. I managed to mow the lawn (hopefully for the last time this year), get to the grocery store, get my haircut, download some new music and get myself in working order and then…

My man period came.

I don’t know how or when it happened. I guess it was around the time Stephanie got off work because when she called me to tell me she was heading home I was annoyed by her call. And then I picked up the kids from school and I was annoyed by their chatter. And then we got home and the dogs were annoying and homework was annoying and anything ANYONE said was annoying and all of a sudden I realize that I’m in a mood. Where does this come from? One minute, happy as a clam and the next? A grumpy old bastard. Is it age? Am I tired? Is it because it’s Tuesday? WHAT IS IT?!?! Because I don’t get it.


Man periods suck because being a man leaves me with no explanation. Women at least have their biological reasons. Men have nothing to go with. We aren’t supposed to be grumpy without a reason. So WHY am I grumpy? Stephanie wants to know. Christopher probably wants to know even though he’s not big enough to ask me what the hell my deal is and Ava just doesn’t give a crap yet. But still…I feel like locking them out of the house and curling up in my bed and sleeping for the next 24 hours. Where does this come from? Is it some form of depression? What am I depressed about? I’m listening to “Comfortably Numb” and wishing I had some serious drugs to take to boost my energy level. Is it because I see on the weather forecast that this might be the last nice day left in Cincinnati? ‘Sposed to be in the high 40’s on Thursday with rain. Yeesh.

And on Friday I board a plane to Seattle…my favorite city in the world…and I got no concerts to go to, no particular order to what I’m gonna do. I’m just going to go early on Friday and hope that my mood lifts and I can enjoy a weekend in Seattle when the Bengals travel to the Emerald City to face the Seahawks. But for now I’m TRYING to uncork whatever my issue is and make it to the end of the day without blowing a gasket. Wanna help me out? Tell me what YOU do when YOU get in a bad mood. How do you deal with it? I’m 40-*mumble mumble* years old and I STILL don’t get how I’m supposed to handle this feeling that hits me sometimes. It’s stupid and comes out a nowhere and I’m kind of sick of dealing with it actually.

So what do YOU do when you have a bad mood day?








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3 Responses to One of THOSE Days…

  1. kat says:

    some people smoke, some drink or have some other habit or “out”. The rest of us just grin and bear it and try not to say anything we will regret until it passes. (personally I look up hotel prices on line and pretend I’m headed to the beach in the coming weekend) and once every three years or so I actually go.

  2. Amber says:

    I tell Chris I need “Mommy time”, run a bath, get a good book to distract me and lock the door. Sometimes you just need time and space.

  3. Dude… it happens. Personally I think it’s the responsibilities of life weighing in on you, all at once. It usually happens to me too, after an extended period of happiness. It’s almost like you crash after a good times high 🙂

    I seem to get it when I realize I am allowed to have a lazy moment, or time to myself. I think that’s why kids don’t have these moments, because they don’t have the responsibilities. I think it stems from wanting to shed the responsibilities for a minute and be a kid again, without any worries!

    Overall don’t let it get you too down, when you have a bro-flow… just keep in mind that it will get better and you will get past it! Besides, you always have here to vent, which is healthy 🙂

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