Time Keeps On Slipping (x2) Into The Future

We all know the song…right? Steve Miller Band. “Fly Like An Eagle.” 1976. Well crap….here ya go then…

It’s not Bob Dylan but the lyrics go like this…

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ 
Into the future 
Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’ 
Into the future…

And ain’t that the truth?  I remember when Stephanie & I had our first baby. Christopher hadn’t even been born yet and I had people telling me…”ENJOY THOSE EARLY YEARS, SONNY. THEY GO BY FAST!” And so I listened and I tried to enjoy them the best I could. I will always look back on these first few years and try to remember so many little things but I imagine there is already plenty that I’ve forgotten.

Yesterday I was going through some old photos that I had originally taken with my old camcorder. They were taken over a series of events starting with our marriage and honeymoon. I know I had a film camera with me (BEFORE digital pictures?!? How did we ever survive???) but I managed to take a few shots with the video camera. Here are some of the honeymoon highlights…

After that, there were a few random family photos (Kathy…you had short hair!) and then a picture from New York City when Steph & I went a month after 9/11 and the city was still in shock. I remember walking down to the site and the entire area was still desolate and eerily quiet.

Following that picture there are a couple of photos of Steph pregnant with Christopher (which I won’t post for fear of my life…even though I think baby belly’s are kinda sexy…) followed by his arrival in 2002. This was taken in the hospital immediately following his bursting onto the scene on April 29, 2002…

From there the pictures follow his growth. I don’t know when I took each of these because the camera doesn’t date them however they appear to be in sequence…

After this photo, Ava made her appearance on the scene. She came to us in August of 2004. What a cute little baby and I’ll never forget how full the hospital was at the time of her birth. Apparently it was a full moon that night and you know what they say about hospitals during a full moon…

Random photos and they span a time frame of over 5 years or so. On this particular geek stick there are 34 pictures from “those days” and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to them. They’re just random shots that I must have taken whenever I was rolling on my video camera. So funny to look at them now and see my children back then. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that Christopher was sleeping on my belly on the chair on the back porch or Ava was scooting herself across the kitchen floor on her butt (she never DID learn to crawl!).

“Enjoy these days while you can!” they always said…and I have tried. But today I’m hanging up clothes in my son’s room and they require an adult sized clothes hanger and my daughter is learning how to count and use money and I realize that the baby days are far behind me. Funny how life goes in cycles. One minute they are babbling incoherently and splashing in the water and the next, they’re having an educated conversation with you about metamorphosis and taking 20 minute showers. Where does the time go?

I have many friends who had their children at an early age and are now close to being empty nesters. I can’t imagine that. I realize I have plenty of time left however I have to imagine that if the time I have coming up goes by as quickly as the time that has just passed, I really DON’T have much time left with them at all. These pictures are a testament to that. Not that I want to get ahead of myself but there are only so many days/weeks/months left and then my children, the ones I saw come screaming into this world, will be out on their own and they will be dealing with all of the things that I am dealing with now. The cycle of life continues and they will be exactly like me. They’ll go out into the world on their own and start from scratch. They’ll hopefully be successful however I realize they will make plenty of mistakes. I know I have and I’ve learned from them.

This was the last still photo taken on my video camera. I’m thinking 3 years old…during soccer season.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves yet…okay? I’ve got plenty of time to watch them grow and to make more memories. I just don’t want the ones associated with these pictures to be forgotten. It doesn’t matter how big or how old they get, they’ll always be my babies. I can’t wait to see what the next 12 years or so have in store for me. Today, as I was hanging my son’s clothes, I glanced around his room and stopped for a moment just to soak it in. It’s a cluttered mess, of course…but one day it won’t be. One day he will pack all of these things into a box and be gone and then he’ll only be able to make visits once every 3 months or so (if I’m lucky…right Mom?).  A quick glance in my daughter’s room offered the same thoughts and so…I have made a pact with myself…I can’t be with them for EVERY moment but the moments that I AM there for are gonna be special.

At times in my life I’ve taken crap for taking so many pictures. I use my camera all the time, taking a shot here & there, watching for moments that I can capture. Some may consider it an annoyance. Some might find it aggravating. But when I see these pictures they remind me of moments that maybe I might not have remembered without them. So I won’t apologize for taking pictures anymore. What I’m taking aren’t just pictures….they’re my memories. And I never know when I might want to relive one. Like right now…

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2 Responses to Time Keeps On Slipping (x2) Into The Future

  1. Amber says:

    Not a good post for your emotional pregnant sister to read. I was just crying on the couch a few days ago because Erik is getting so big and with the new baby I’m not going to have as much time with just him. On a happy note, Erik walked into Mom and Dad’s the other day yelling, “Uncle Alan! Where are you?!” That boy just loves his uncle. 🙂

  2. Amber says:

    P.S. That last pic with Ava is beautiful and should be in a frame.

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