Halloween 2011…The Walking Dead

This year Christopher wanted to dress up as a zombie for Halloween so…being the good dad that I am…I decided I would join him as a member of the undead. So Stephanie worked her magic and did a fantastic job on our makeup (as much as I needed anyway) and we both got lots of compliments on our costumes. Apparently when becoming a zombie you only need a couple of things…

  1. Old clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty/bloody/covered in grey goopy stuff
  2. Plenty of fake blood. The more the better!
Here are some pictures from this year’s Halloween celebration. Ava & Stephanie were vampires and I have to say that Ava’s outfit, while very vampirific, still made her look WAY older than she really is. I don’t know that I like that (AT ALL), but she seemed to love it and both of the kids walked away with lots of candy and compliments this year!
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2 Responses to Halloween 2011…The Walking Dead

  1. Amber says:

    We had a very scary dragon, and Tas dressed up as a knight. We had a lot of fun but ow we have way too much candy in the house.

  2. mandy says:

    Great pictures, everyone’s costumes look great! You need a picture of Stephanie with vampire teeth though 🙂

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